About the Stout Student Association

Founded in 1923 and 7,700+ members strong, SSA is elevating student voices.

So, what is the Stout Student Association?

We're here to represent YOU, the student. The Stout Student Association (SSA) is the collective student governing body at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Granted authority under Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5), we make sure to represent the entire student body on issues surrounding student life, services, and interests. SSA is not just the representatives serving in one of our three branches- every UW-Stout student is a member of SSA.


"I'm always eager to meet with students on any concerns or suggestions they have to improve the University, as well as a resource to those in need of assistance."

Devin Dumke

President, Stout Student Association

So, what does the SSA do?

Well in short, a lot! We focus on a few key issues that are really important to us but we also leave room to engage in timely issues happening now. Based on your interests you can decide what issues and initiatives you'd like to get involved with.

A number of positions exist within the Stout Student Association. Use your voice in positions such as the Senator of Transfer Relations or the Senator of Technology. Or try something new and serve on the University Court.

Our Basic Tenets

Uphold & Promote Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5)

As dictated in Wisconsin State Statute 36.09(5), the students hold the right to having their voices heard in campus decisions. SSA is regularly in contact with administration, staff and faculty, as well as students to make sure those rights are exercised.

Allocate Segregated, Tech, Green & Access to Learning Fees

SSA allocates segregated fees paid by students to sustain the campus. These fees better the University through funding student organizations, campus departments, lab improvements, technology updates, and sustainability efforts.

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Represent Student Interests with Administration, UW System, & State Government

SSA representatives are in constant contact with Deans, Administration, the Chancellor, UW System leadership and other UW student governments. SSA also lobbies to the state government in order to represent students at all levels.

Provide Alternative Transportation Solutions

SSA regularly meets with Dunn County Transit and other parties in order to ensure accessible and sustainable transportation options for students in the community. SSA also finances the Stout Bikes program for low-cost bike rentals, promotes a bike-friendly campus, and pays for all students to ride Dunn County Transit for free.

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Engage in Sustainable Campus Initiatives

SSA's Sustainability Council works with the campus and the Sustainability Office to promote and implement sustainable efforts such as solar panels, clean energy solutions, compostable dining options, and campus gardens. SSA also administers UW-Stout's Green Fee for sustainable initiatives.

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Work Toward Campus Diversity & Inclusivity

The SSA's Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Council works to address topics of difference as highlighted by the Campus Climate Survey. They collaborate with intercultural development ambassadors, cultural student organizations, and other partners to create a more inclusive campus.

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Serve on Campus Shared Governance & Other Critical Committees

SSA appoints students to sit on various committees and shared governance bodies to ensure that student voices and opinions are represented and considered. Decisions across campus at various levels gain student input through these committees.

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Oversee Student Organization Recognition & Approval

SSA's Organizational Affairs Committee support student organizations and the various functions they perform. They exist to ensure that student organizations continue to thrive in the years to come.

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Oversee Student Organization Budget Process

The Financial Affairs committee support student organizations by overseeing the annual budget and submit the final recommendations to be approved by SSA. This pot of money allows events to be entirely FREE to students!

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Meet Your Representatives

The Stout Student Association represents you. Learn who your representatives are and how to get in contact with them.

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Governing Documents

Learn more about how SSA functions in detail, from the overall structure to position descriptions to standing committees and the Judicial Branch.

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Paid SSA Positions

SSA is committed to transparency. This includes with our policies, meetings, and our finances. SSA representatives are compensated for their time.

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Students attend the spring Involvement Fair to check out the 160+ student organizations.

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