Green Fee

What is the Green Fee?

The Green Fee is a segregated university fee enacted to provide funding for sustainable projects, which follow appropriate guidelines for allocable segregated fees within Segregated University Fees (F50). Green Fee projects are allocated by the Stout Student Association based upon the recommendation of the Sustainability Council.

For projects to be named sustainable, or sustainability centered, they must fall under the University of Wisconsin-Stout definition of sustainability:

"Sustainability is that which encourages students to think about environmental, social, and economic factors individually and in relation to one another and lead action in protecting them."

Green Fee Ideas

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OR contact the SSA Sustainaiblity Director:

Green Fee Policies

Read our Green Fee Policies for the in-depth policies about what the Green Fee can fund and how the process works.

Funding Guidelines

Read our Funding Guidelines for an overview of the Green Fee and a less technical way of outlining the process.

Funding Rubric

Read our Funding Rubric for a straightforward, easy to follow guide for preparing to present your idea to the Sustainability Council.

  1. 1

    Think of an idea

    Students, faculty and staff come up with sustainability project ideas that benefit students anytime throughout the year.

  2. 2

    Submit your idea!

    Students, faculty, and staff submit their ideas to the SSA Sustainability Director during fall and spring semesters:

  3. 3

    Sustainability Council Consideration

    The Sustainability Council meets weekly during the school year to discuss potential projects and decide on which projects to fund. They recommend projects to be funded each semester; up to $35,000 - $40,000 per semester.

  4. 4

    University Student Senate Approval

    The University Student Senate reviews all project proposals and gives their approval or denial at the end of each semester.

  5. 5

    Project Implimented

    In partnership with professional staff members and others, projects are routinely monitored by the Sustainability Council to ensure goals are met.


Sustainability Council members pose with plants at UW-Stout's greenhouse on the roof of Jarvis Hall. (Spring 2020)


Past Green Fee Projects


StoutRoute/Dunn County Transit

The Green Fee has funded multiple improvements to the Stout Route and Community Route through their partnership with Dunn County Transit, like enclosed bus stations, card readers on buses for more data, and more!

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Bike Fixtations

To promote alternative and more sustainable methods of transportation, the Green Fee has funded the creation and maintenance of multiple bicycle fixations around campus for students to perform basic bicycle repair.

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Solar Arrays

The Green Fee has funded multiple solar panel projects that reduce the carbon footprint of the University and reduce costs.  A recent project in Merle Price Commons generates 60,000 Watts of energy each year!

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