Student Technology Fee


What is the Student Technology Fee?

The Student Technology Fee is a special fee assessed to students to cover campus technology needs. This fee was developed in 1995 to improve student access to technology, purchase technology equipment and supplies for classroom use, and fund new technology that benefits a large portion of students.

The allocable portion of this fee is student-driven and is under the purview of the Stout Student Association's Student Technology Committee and the University Student Senate.

Submit Your Idea

Students, faculty, staff, and campus departments are encouraged to submit ideas throughout the year. To submit an idea, students can fill out the STF Proposal Submission form or contact the SSA Director of Information Technology at

Initial Review

The SSA Director of Information Technology, in collaboration with the Chancellor's STF designee, reviews the request to ensure it complies with policy and all necessary information is included in the proposal.  If more information is needed, the Director will work with the individual and other campus departments to ensure all needed information is present.


With all necessary information, the person or group that developed the proposal will present the idea to the Student Technology Committee and the chancellor's designee.  Afterwards, the Student Technology Committee and Chancellor's designee will discuss the idea and make a formal recommendation to the University Student Senate.


Taking into account the recommendation of the Student Technology Committee, the University Student Senate of the Stout Student Association will discuss the proposal and make a motion of approval or denial.  If approved, the Chancellor's designee will work with appropriate persons and departments to make the money available for the project.

Appropriate Student Technology Fee Expenditures

The Student Technology Fee is used to provide students with additional or enhanced technology services for students. Below are general guidelines of appropriate projects that could be funded through the Student Technology Fee. This is not an exhaustive list and projects are not required to align to one of the four categories below. Approved projects should benefit a wide breadth and significant portion of students.


Access to Technology

Subscriptions and licenses to online resources for students, improving campus and off-campus network services, upgrading general computer lab equipment.

Classroom Equipment

Technology equipment and supplies used directly in classroom settings along with other learning spaces that are used by a wide breadth or significant portion of UW-Stout students.


New Technologies Training

Expenses related to training a significant portion of the student population to better enable them to utilize computer hardware, software, and new technologies.

Assistance for Students with Disabilities

Expenses related to improving the level of technology for students with disabilities.


Past Student Technology Fee Projects


Student Printer Kiosks

The Student Technology Fee was used to fund a project for the installation of a printing kiosk within the Memorial Student Center.  Beginning in 2021, the new printing kiosk alongside the PaperCut software has provided convenient printing services for all students to use.

Smart Notebooks for Students

To provide more technological resources for students, the Student Technology Fee was utilized to purchase reusable notebooks for students to check out for free at the University Library.

Parking Lot Security

In response to student concerns about privacy and security in parking lots, the Student Technology Committee developed a proposal to utilize the Student Technology Fee to install security cameras in Lot 4.  These new tools will help monitor the university's largest parking lot and deter theft.

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