University Student Senate

When do we meet?

Meeting Times

The University Student senate meets weekly on Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm. The meeting is open to the public and we would love to have you! Here are the meeting materials for upcoming meetings!

The document included is our current meeting times, if you cannot see the document please visit our Connect page and look for events named "University Student Senate."

Accessibility Concerns?

If you feel like you cannot attend a meeting for any reason, please contact our Director of Communications here:

Want to attend a meeting? Here are some tips:

How do I speak at a meeting?

University Student Senate has a public comment section that is open for all to speak during. Comments on the meeting livestream are also read during the public comment section. Committees may also have opportunities for public comment; learn more about the committee and contact the chair to learn more about a specific committee's process.

What other ways can I participate in a meeting?

The structure for participation in a meeting varies between SSA committees and the University Student Senate. For questions about how to participate in a particular meeting, contact the committee chair or for University Student Senate or if you are unsure who to contact.

Confused on our lingo?

If you are unsure about something in a meeting, please ask! Otherwise, check out our guide to SSA jargon to answer some frequent questions.

How can I get accommodations to participate in a meeting?

Accommodations may be available upon request. If you know you may need accommodations, please reach out as soon as you are able to ensure those can be provided. For accommodations, email

Unhappy with a Senate meeting? Liked our meeting but have suggestions of how to do better? Just want to express why you liked the meeting?

We love all feed back and appreciate anything that you would tell us, please feel free to visit our Contact Us page to find where you can give your feed back. We are here for students and want to do what we can to make UW Stout a better place for everyone.