Nomination Process

SSA Elections

Get engaged, Get on the ballot, Get elected.

Want to be a part of the University Student Senate? Have an issue or topic you care about and want to make change?  You are just a few steps away from being able to run in your next student government election.  All students can run for office and promote positive change on issues they care about while gaining valuable leadership skills and experiences.

Students interested in running for office can sign up to be on the ballot by filling out the Candidacy Declaration form.  Once you complete the form, the Clerk of Elections will reach out with more information.

Candidacy Declaration Form:

Want to learn more about being a student representative?  Contact the Clerk of Elections to learn more!

Contact the Clerk of Elections:


Election Process Overview

Complete the Candidacy Declaration Form

Complete our simple online Candidacy Declaration form to let us know you want to be on the ballot.  Nominations are due by April 8th.

Gather Signatures for the Ballot

Either online or via a paper form, collect the required number of student signatures to be put on the ballot.  Senator candidates need 20 signatures, Director candidates need 50, and Presidential Tickets need 100.

Digital Signatures:

Paper Signature Sheet

Promote your Candidacy to Students

As long as it aligns with the Stout Student Association's Election Rules, you can let your creativity flow on the campaign trail.  Encourage students to support your campaign and vote you into office!

Watch the Results Roll in

The voting period for the Spring 2024 Election is from Monday, April 15th to Friday, April 19th.  Once election results are finalized winning candidates will be notified of their victory.  Winning candidates will be placed into office upon certification of the election results at the meeting of University Student Senate.