SSA Elections


Information for Election Results

Below you may view preliminary election result data collected by the Clerk of Elections in conjunction with others.  Please note that these results are unofficial and are subject to change.

Candidates must receive a plurality of all votes cast for their office and receive at least 3 votes to win. All ties will be settled via a runoff election held at a later date. Please review the election rules for more information.

Candidates who wish to challenge the results on the grounds of impropriety may make their appeal request in writing to the Clerk of Elections.  After all ballot item results have been determined and all disputes have been resolved, the Clerk of Elections shall present the results to the University Student Senate for certification.

What to do if I won?

All candidates, regardless of outcome, will be contacted by the Clerk of Elections after the election results have been posted.  Please wait patiently to be contacted.

Candidates who did not receive a plurality of votes may still be elected to office if candidates who received more votes decline office.  Unsuccessful candidates are encouraged to get involved in other ways with the Stout Student Association.

Contact Information

Questions about the results or the election? Contact the Clerk of Elections at

2023 Fall Election Results