Judicial Branch

What is the Judicial Branch?

The Judicial Branch is made up of the SOCOC and the University Court. The SOCOC investigates the activation's against an organization. The University Court finds the organization responsible or irresponsible for the actions against them.

University Court

The University Court is one part of the  Judicial Branch of Stout Student Association. After the SOCOC investigates the actions against an organization (org), the Court then deems the org responsible or not responsible

Duties of all Justice

Duties of University Court Justices:

A. To be knowledgeable of University policies and procedures, judicial policies and procedures as well as standards of behavior/operations for recognized Student Organizations. We will provide you with this information.

B. To be objective.

C. Maintain membership eligibility throughout their term.

D. To represent the interests of all students, not individual organizations.

E. To review the legislation and functions of the Legislative and Executive Branches of SSA as a check and balance.

F. To preside over hearings for cases brought forward.

G. To read complaints and familiarize themselves with the cases prior to the hearings.

H. To remove themselves in any case if they have bias or direct involvement in the case, or are members of the Organization under charges.

I. To attend all hearings unless recused or excused.

J. To keep confidential all proceedings, discussions and votes.

K. Determine appropriate sanctions as deemed necessary.


The SOCOC is a group of people that investigate the complaint against an organization. SOCOC finds information about the complaints.

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