Stout Student Association Elections

Below are a list of resources, links, and information regarding the Spring 2022 Stout Student Association Election. Once a year, all 7,700+ students at the University of Wisconsin-Stout have the opportunity to run for student government office and vote for their future representatives. The rights of students to select their own leaders is enshrined in state law, and the Stout Student Association seeks to maximize student participation in its election process.

View Open Positions

Learn more about what positions are slated to be on the ballot, and what the position does!

Get On The Ballot

Learn more about how with a few simple steps you can run for office in our upcoming election!  All students are encouraged to run!

Sign for Candidates

Provide your signature for candidates so they may be placed on the ballot for the upcoming student government election.

View Election Rules

View all the rules, dates, and information regarding the upcoming election for the Stout Student Association.

Report a Violation

Ensure integrity by providing a tip about violations of the Stout Student Association's election rules.

View Election Results

Check out the results of election, and see who has earned the right to represent the student body for the next academic year!