GET INVOLVED: Serve as a Senator!

Represent Student Voices

As one of 35 voting members of the University Student Senate, you'll be a part of a legislative body dedicated to talking about student concerns, meeting with campus leaders, passing legislation to benefit the student body, and allocating over $3m dollars each year.

Focus on issues you care about

By serving as a senator, you'll be a part of one of six student-led standing committees dedicated to exploring issues in-depth and making impactful change for students.

Participate in university decision-making

Represent 7,700 students as a student representative on a campus-wide committee, and work with faculty, staff, and administrators to discuss university policy and make decisions that affect the entire University!

Benefits of serving as a Senator

We provide our Senators with the SSA Leadership Stipend in the amount of $500 per semester.

Make long-lasting connections with peers and grow your connection to the university you call home.

Gain a greater understand about how your university operates and makes decisions.

You'll gain valuable leadership experience, and gain other skills to benefit you in your career.

Help move our campus forward and provide change that benefit you and your peers.

Take your skills and experience to the next level with more leadership opportunities.

Apply for a Senator Position today!

We accept applicants for all of our open senator positions! Check out our application on CONNECT to get started.

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