Our Governing Documents

Constitution of the Stout Student Association

Last Ratified April 20th, 2021

The Stout Student Association Constitution is the principle governing document of the Stout Student Association, and outlines the mission, vision, and guiding principles of the organization as well as lays out the structure and powers of the University Student Senate and the University Court.


Bylaws of the University Student Senate

Last Ratified April 26th, 2022

The Bylaws of the University Student Senate is a guiding document to the University Student Senate that establishes the various positions and offices that represent student interests.  In addition, the bylaws also outlines important details on how the University Student Senate operates.

Judicial Policy of the University Court

Last Ratified March 2022

The judicial Policy is the sole governing document for the Judicial Branch of the Stout Student Association. It outlines the two bodies that make up the Judicial Branch, as well as what their purpose and job consists of. The policy also outlines different sanctions a student may receive as well as the appeal process if a student is not satisfied with the courts decision.