Frequently Asked Questions: SSA Elections

Is gathering signatures considered campaigning?

No, gathering signatures is not considered campaigning. When gathering signatures, you are asking students to support your inclusion on the ballot but not to vote for you. If you ask students to vote for you while gathering signatures, this would likely be considered campaigning. Campaigning is prohibited until you have submitted your paperwork and signatures and been notified by the Clerk of Elections that you have been added to the ballot.

How many signatures do I need to collect?

Senator candidates must collect 20 signatures. Director candidates must collect 50 signatures. Presidential Tickets must collect 100 signatures.

If you are running for more than one office, signatures collected count for both offices. Meaning, if you are running for Director of Financial Affairs and Director of Information Technology, you only need 50 signatures in total.

Can I sign my own signature sheet?

Yes, you can sign for yourself - either digitally or on paper.

Where do I turn in paper signatures?

You can turn in paper signatures directly to the Clerk of Elections, or deposit them in the mailbox on the door of the Stout Student Association office, 118 Memorial Student Center.

Can I change which offices I am running for?

Yes. You can remove yourself from the election, run for additional offices (up to the maximum), drop offices, or change the offices you are running for by contacting the Clerk of Elections at

Still have questions?

Contact the Clerk of Elections at