Student Technology Fee Application


Student Technology Fee Application

The Student Technology Fee is a special fee assessed to students to cover campus technology needs. This fee was developed in 1995 to improve student access to technology, purchase technology equipment and supplies for classroom use, and fund new technology that benefits a large portion of students.

The allocable portion of this fee is student-driven and is under the purview of the Stout Student Association's Student Technology Committee and the University Student Senate.

Please utilize this application to submit your request for Student Technology Fee funding.  Your request will be reviewed by the Director of Information Technology, Assistant Chancellor for Learning and Information Technology, and the Student Technology Fee Committee.  Any additional infomation or documentation for your request may be to the Director of Information Technology at ssainfotech@uwstout.edu.

Questions about the application or process may be directed to the Stout Student Association Director of Information Technology at ssainfotech@uwstout.edu.