Senator Survival Guide

Your guide to frequently-used acronyms and jargon

Common Jargon

SSA works to make our documents, meeting materials, website, and more as accessible as possible. Sometimes, though, we may throw out some acronyms or jargon that might not be the most intuitive. This page intends to serve as a quick-reference for common things that we say.

SSA- Stout Student Association

36.09(5)- Chapter 36, Section 09(5) of the Wisconsin State Statutes (the section of state law guaranteeing students the right to organize, form student associations, and have a say in allocating certain fees and participating in university decision-making)

ASUF- Allocable Segregated University Fees (the student fees SSA allocates to fund things like student services, events, organizations, and more)

CIO- Chief Technology Officer (a member of the UW-Stout administration/Chancellor's Cabinet)

Congress- Sessions of the University Student Senate; a Congress lasts the duration of an academic year and is numbered (for example, the 2020-2021 academic year is the 51st Congress of the Stout Student Association)

EBC- Executive Branch Committee

EDI- Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion or Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council

FAC- Financial Affairs Committee

JIT- Just In Time Funding (used if an organization or a member of an organization has an extraordinary need that arises outside the traditional funding processes)

MSC- Memorial Student Center

OAC- Organizational Affairs Committee

Segregated Fees/Seg Fees- Fees charged to students in addition to tuition that go to fund things like student organizations, Student Health, and the Student Centers

SITC- Student Information Technology Committee

SOCOC- Student Organization Conduct Oversight Committee (primarily) or Student Organization Code of Conduct

SPG- UW-Stout Strategic Planning Group (a university committee tasked with drafting UW-Stout's Strategic Plan)

STF- Student Technology Fee (a special fee charged to students alongside segregated fees and tuition to cover campus technology needs)

SUFAC- Segregated University Fee Allocation Committee (the governance body that sets rates and budgets spending of segregated fees)

USS- University Student Senate (the Legislative Branch for SSA)