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Apply to be a University Court Justice

As a University Court Justice, you provide oversight for student organizations by reviewing the findings of the Student Organization Conduct Oversight Committee. University Court ensures that organizations follow university policy and takes action if they are not. Contact the Chief Justice ( with questions.

Apply to be a Justice

Oversee student organizations

Apply to be a Senator

Senators serve a critical role within the Stout Student Association, as they make up the bulk of the membership of University Student Senate and serve on 6 standing committees and dozens of shared governance groups across the University. As a Senator, you represent a key constituency of students on campus and have the ability to create positive change for that group.

Senators are either elected during spring elections, appointed by the SSA President in consultation with outside entities, or available for application. See a list of open positions below to find which one is right for you!

Senators are compensated for their time to allow for more students to participate in SSA. Compensation is in the form of a scholarship for $500 each semester (which either covers unpaid tuition or is sent to the Senator as a check or direct deposit by the Financial Aid Office).

See Open Senator Positions (Open positions are listed as vacant)

Apply to be a Senator

Make a difference for Stout students at the campus, local, state, and national levels

UW-Stout representatives meet with United States Senator from Wisconsin, Tammy Baldwin.

Apply to the Team That Investigates Organizational Conduct Violations

As a Student Organization Conduct Oversight Committee member, you will meet monthly and investigate allegations of organizations violating the Student Organization Code of Conduct. This committee sends its findings to the University Court for evaluation and a decision. Contact the Director of Organizational Affairs ( with questions.

Apply to be a Student Organizational Conduct Oversight Committee Member

Investigate student organizations' alleged conduct violations

Join an SSA Committee

As a member of an SSA committee, you provide your insight into specific issue areas and help run projects that align with your passions. SSA has a variety of different committees working in different areas ranging from funding sustainable projects on campus to planning UW-Stout's annual Diversity Week. Most committees are open to students who are not otherwise involved in SSA (you do not have to be a Senator).

View SSA's committees and contact a committee chair to learn more

Focus on specific issue areas