Student Housing Authority

A committee of the University Student Senate of the Stout Student Association.

This committee handles and manages the Off Campus Housing marketplace, your one stop shop for all things off campus housing, made for students and managed by students.


Email the Chair:, Office Phone: (715) 232-2100


The Student Housing Authority's signature program will be a student housing marketplace to help students find off-campus housing


The Student Housing Authority will have forms available to submit feedback on the marketplace

Why Create a Student-Run Site?

We are trying to give power back to the students and the landlords of Menomonie.

By creating our own site, we can market directly to students. We cut the cost of advertising and posting down to just about nothing, allowing us to set low posting costs. Landlords keep more of their money that they would spend paying out to other listing websites.

For students, it puts power back in their court with the ability to regulate the landlords that post on the site, as well as the ability to give honest feedback on the properties in the area. This protects students from the worst properties that could damage their experience at Stout.

Off Campus Marketplace

Our Marketplace website will be created for students by our campus partner CampusGroups, the folks that made Connect.

Our site will be made for and managed by students! The Student Housing Authority is made up of representatives of the student body here to help create a site that gives students what they want in a website. We are here to create the site that you want to use and that you are happy to recommend to your fellow student.