SSA Operating Budget

Financing our mission of elevating student voices


2021-22 SSA Annual Budget




SSA Salaries $87,200

Stipends for representatives

SSA Hourly Workers Pay $1,400 SSA Graphic Designer
Campus Programming $12,410 SSA-held events & promotional items
Raffle License $50 License for student orgs to hold raffles
Lobbying Trip $1,000 Travel to/from Madison to meet with representatives
Stout Moveout $1,500 Dumpsters for spring moveout
Legal Services $4,650 Legal Services Program
Office $800 Office supplies & printing
Total $109,010

Background Information

This page uses the terms 'annual budget' and 'operating budget' interchangeably. The technical term is 'annual budget' because of the funding source and process.

SSA's operating budget is treated like an annual budget from any other student organization, following the same process for funding approval as Stoutonia, Blue Devil Productions, GSA, Latinos Unidos, and dozens of student organizations at UW-Stout.

SSA Vice President drafts SSA Annual Budget

The SSA Vice President, as SSA Treasurer, drafts and proposes SSA's operating budget for the next fiscal year.

Stakeholder Input

The SSA Vice President solicits feedback on the budget proposal from other SSA representatives prior to submitting the request to the Financial Affairs Committee.

Financial Affairs Committee Approves Annual Budget Requests

SSA's Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) reviews SSA's annual budget request alongside all other student org's requests. FAC adopts a recommendation for all student orgs budgets.

University Student Senate Approves Annual Budget Requests

The University Student Senate reviews FAC's recommendations for what to fund out of student orgs' requests, including SSA's operating budget request.