Segregated University Fees

Segregated fees, also known as seg fees, fund a wide range of student services, enriching the experience of students at UW-Stout. SSA's Financial Affairs Committee recommends the annual seg fee budget to the University Student Senate.

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Seg fees fund a wide range of services, from Student Health to free campus events and the upkeep of the Student Centers.

The seg fee rates and budgets are set for each fiscal year, starting July 1, and approved by the University Student Senate each year for the year following.

Some seg fees are budgeted and appropriated directly by SSA (allocable), while SSA can only advise on others (nonallocable).

2020-21 Segregated Fee Rates

Department/Service Per Credit Rate Full-Time Per-Semester Rate (15 Credits) Full-Time Per-Year Rate (30 Credits/year)
Instructional Resources $13.15 $197.25 $394.50
Alternate Transportation $0.37 $5.55 $11.10
Municipal Services $0.46 $6.90 $13.80
Green Fee* $0.38 $5.70 $11.40
Counseling $2.41 $36.15 $72.30
Health Services $5.21 $78.15 $156.30
Campus Card $0.12 $1.80 $3.60
Recreation Complex $3.32 $49.80 $99.60
Student Organizations* $2.13 $31.95 $63.90
Involvement Center $2.72 $40.80 $81.60
University Centers $18.10 $271.50 $543.00
Intramurals $2.09 $31.35 $62.70
Athletics $6.00 $90.00 $180.00
Total $54.46 $846.90 $1693.80

Allocable Segregated Fees

Allocable segregated fees (seg fees) are directly set by SSA. Allocable seg fees are indicated in the table above with an asterisk, and include the Student Organizations and Green Fee components of the overall segregated fee. University of Wisconsin System Administrative Policies (including Administrative Policy 820) limit the ability of students to directly budget the vast majority of seg fees.

Non-Allocable Segregated Fees

Non-allocable segregated fees (seg fees) are introduced by the lead of a unit requesting the fee, and the final budgets and amounts are ultimately determined by the Chancellor and not SSA. SSA has some input into non-allocable rates and budgets for units funded through non-allocable fees, and the seg fee budget passed by the University Student Senate each year includes final rates for allocable seg fees and recommendations for non-allocable fees. Non-allocable fee areas are listed in the chart above without an asterisk and comprise all fee areas with the exception of Student Organizations and Green Fee.