University Student Senate

What is the University Student Senate (USS)?

The University Student Senate is the Legislative Branch of the Stout Student Association. It sets the policy of SSA, promotes and approves all SSA activities, and approves the recognition of all student organizations.

We are proud to represent the student body of UW-Stout at the University, local, state and federal levels. We allocate student segregated fees to enhance our student lives every year. We also ensure that the student voices are implemented in every decision that can impact us as students.

University Student Senate

The University Student Senate is made up of the 28 Senators, 7 Directors, the Vice President, and the President (who chairs each meeting).

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Meeting Times:

The University Student Senate meets every Tuesday at 7 pm during the semester. For a list of upcoming events and meeting times we're hosting, head over to our events page. The meetings are open to the public and we highly encourage students to attend and voice their opinions, share concerns, or just find out what the Senate is doing.


Apply to Be a Senator

University Student Senate has openings throughout the year, and Senators are compensated for their time. Make your voice heard!

Examples of what Student Senate Does

Sports and Recreation Complex Renovation

In Spring 2019, the Stout Student Association conducted a referendum to gain students input on whether or not to renovate the Sports and Recreation Complex. Using the results, we approved the renovation of the complex. The project is totaled to be $25.5 millions dollars.

Merle Price Commons Renovation

Similar to the Sports and Recreation Complex, the Senate voted to renovate the Price Commons all funded by student fees for $7.57 million dollars.

Sustainable Initatives

Through the UW-Stout Green Fee, we work to support our Sustainability Office and efforts to lessen our impact on the environment. Green fee projects include solar arrays and other projects.

Approve Student Organizations

Through the work of the Organizational Affairs Committee, the University Student Senate gives final approval for all new student organizations created on campus.

Approve Annual Budget and Contingency Budget

Through the Financial Affairs Committee, the University Student Senate reviews and approves all of the annual budgets for all student organizations on campus.


Stout Bikes

SSA subsidizes bike rental through a partnership with Stout Adventures. Students can rent a bike for the entire year for just $50 (or less for a semester or a weekend).

Civic Engagement

Helping students getting civically engaged is another initiative of SSA. Making your voice heard is very important.