Executive Branch

What is the Executive Branch?

The Executive Branch of the Stout Student Association elevates student voices by carrying out the day-to-day functions of SSA. Additionally, executives comprise the Executive Board Committee (EBC), which meets regularly to discuss SSA business and plan the direction of SSA and execute SSA programs and functions.

Executive Board Committee meeting times can be found on our events page. Scroll down to learn more about your executives and how to contact them.

Meet Your Executives

Devin Dumke

President | He/him/his | ssapresident@uwstout.edu

I'm the President of the Stout Student Association! I am always eager to meet with students on any concerns or suggestions they have to improve the University, as well as a resource to those in need of assistance. My role is to ensure that SSA continues to serve our students and represent all Stout students both within and outside of the University. Outside of SSA, I am a fourth-year student from Florence, Wisconsin and am pursuing a degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering.

Chris Johnson

Vice President | They/them/theirs | ssavicepres@uwstout.edu

Chris Johnson is SSA's Vice President and a fourth-year student in the Applied Social Science Program with a concentration in History and Politics. They are originally from the city of Reedsburg, Wisconsin. They head SSA's Off Campus Housing initiative, Legal Services initiatives, and also help run the Student Senate in its day-to-day operations. They can be helpful pointing you in the direction of whoever you need to talk to for your issues.

Meet Your Directors

Harri Bien-Aime

Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion | Pronouns | ssadiversity@uwstout.edu

A bio is coming soon!

Noah Edlin

Director of Sustainability | He/him/his | ssasustainability@uwstout.edu

Noah Edlin is SSA's Director of Sustainability and a fourth-year student in the Environmental Science program with a concentration in Aquatic Biology. He is from Menomonie. Noah chairs SSA's Sustainability Council and works on environmental issues and issues relating to student happiness more broadly.

Cody Gentz

Director of Financial Affairs | He/him/his | ssafinancialaffairs@uwstout.edu

Cody Gentz is SSA's Director of Financial Affairs is a Computer Science major at UW-Stout. Originally from Kenosha, WI, he advises the Stout Student Association on financial matters and oversees the budgets of all student organizations.

Jackson Noll

Director of Legislative Affairs | He/him/his | ssalegaffairs@uwstout.edu

A bio is coming soon!

Ethan Reed

Director of Information Technology | He/him/his | ssainfotech@uwstout.edu

Ethan Reed is the SSA's Director of IT. He studies Info Communications Tech (ICT) and works for the Technology Helpdesk on campus. He likes cycling, e-sports, and following cybersecurity trends. Ethan is from the Green Bay metro area and moved to Menomonie in 2016. Contact him for more information about developing student-led tech projects, communicating with LIT leadership, and discussing recent changes to AP 1030 (one of the many information security policies recently implemented by UW System  Administration).

Alex Serier

Director of Organizational Affairs | He/him/his | ssaorgaffairs@uwstout.edu

Alex Serier is SSA's Director of Organizational Affairs. He is a senior in the Supply Chain Management program and is minoring in Computer Science. He is from Stillwater, Minnesota. He chairs SSA's Organizational Affairs Committee, which deals with student organization recognition and organization policy, and the Judicial Branch's Student Organizational Conduct Oversight Committee, which investigates complaints against student organizations.

Grace Novie Stolen

Director of Communications | She/her/hers, Ae/aer/aers | ssacommunications@uwstout.edu

Grace Novie Stolen is SSA's Director of Communications and a senior in the Applied Social Science program with a concentration in History and Politics and minor in Geographic Information Systems. Originally from Waunakee, Wisconsin, Grace transferred to UW-Stout in 2019 after graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Wausau. She handles internal and external communications for SSA, including preparing meeting materials and public relations. In aer spare time, ae works for UW-Stout's LGBTQIA+ Program Office, listens to podcasts, and ventures outdoors.