What are SSA's Committees?

SSA has 8 standing committees that meet on a regular basis. These committees are chaired by one of the Directors of SSA, and voting membership is open to Senators and students not otherwise involved in SSA. Standing committees are a great way to get involved in an issue you care about without the time commitment of being a Senator or Director for SSA.

SSA's standing committees include Financial Affairs Committee (FAC), Organizational Affairs Committee (OAC), Executive Board Committee (EBC), Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Council, Sustainability Council, Visibility and Outreach Council, Student Information Technology Committee, and the Congressional Committee. Standing committees are part of the University Student Senate, SSA's legislative branch. Some committees host independent events and projects, while committees can also discuss and introduce resolutions that make their way to the full University Student Senate. Some standing committees are referred to as councils in their names; there is no difference between SSA standing committees and councils.


The Director of Communications chairs this informal committee of the whole meeting that precedes each full University Student Senate meeting. Membership is closed and limited to the Director of Communications and Senators, though meetings are open to the public.

Congressional Committee


The Director of Legislative Affairs chairs this committee. The committee's purpose is to track, monitor, and learn about legislation and other government issues that impact the students and the university. The committee also supports the Director of Legislative Affairs in coordinating SSA's civic engagement initiatives.

Executive Board Committee (EBC)

The President chairs the committee and the purpose of the committee is to review, recommend, and implement internal and external actions by SSA. Directors also coordinate their initiatives and ask for feedback in this committee.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council (EDI Council)

The Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion chairs the council and the purpose of the council is to strive to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion on the UW-Stout Campus. The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council advocates for marginalized students on campus and Stout's cultural & identity organizations.

Financial Affairs Committee (FAC)

The Director of Financial Affairs chairs the committee and the purpose of the committee is to distribute allocable segregated fee dollars to student organizations who ask for money and meet certain criteria including but not limited to UW-System policy, SSA standing policy, and Annual budget rules.

Organizational Affairs Committee (OAC)

The Director of Organizational Affairs chairs the committee and the purpose is to regularly recommend to the SSA for the creation, renewal, and support for a student organization on campus.

Student Information Technology Committee (SITC)

The Director of Information Technology chairs the committee and the purpose of the committee is to advise SSA on issues relating to technology and students' technology needs. The Student Information Technology Committee also funds innovative, student-driven campus projects through the Student Technology Fee.

Sustainability Council

The Director of Sustainability chairs the Sustainability Council. The purpose of the council is to assist in managing sustainable projects, monitor environmental policies, research and assess environmental issues within the UW-Stout community, provide recommendations affecting issues of environmentalism and distribute the Green Fee Fund to projects.