What is Caucus?

Caucus is a committee of the whole meeting preceding each University Student Senate meeting. Caucus meetings are informal and generally without an agenda independent from the Senate meetings they precede. In Caucus, the Director of Communications provides an overview of the night's Senate meeting, allowing Senators to ask informal questions about what to expect to prepare for the full meeting. Senators may also ask for advice on how to add a discussion item to the night's Senate agenda or how to make other procedural motions. Caucus meetings may also include announcements and reminders and training/enrichment sessions for Senators from the Director of Communications. Per the Director of Communications as Caucus Chair, Caucus does not sponsor legislation or hold formal votes during the 51st Congress of SSA.

Who is on Caucus?

Caucus is comprised of the Senators of the Stout Student Association and is chaired by the Director of Communications. The President, Vice President, and other Directors are not a part of Caucus.

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Caucus meets before each University Student Senate meeting Tuesdays at 6:30pm. For a list of upcoming events and meeting times we're hosting, head over to our events page. Caucus uses the same meeting location or call-in information as the Senate meeting following it. Find the full University Student Senate meeting's event for the call-in/location information and basic agenda. Caucus meetings are open to the public.