Attend a Meeting

SSA is your student association, and we love to hear from you. Learn more about how to participate in a meeting and join us at one!

SSA has many meetings throughout the semester. Each of them are listed on our events page, along with details about the meeting location (or call-in information) and the meeting materials.

The University Student Senate is considered the main meeting for SSA business and policy. There are also several committees under the Senate that meet separately and discuss more specific issues.

SSA meetings are all open to the public. That means all meeting materials are made accessible to the public at least 24 hours prior to a meeting, and all are free to attend all in-person and virtual meetings.

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    How do I speak at a meeting?

    University Student Senate has a public comment section that is open for all to speak during. Comments on the meeting livestream are also read during the public comment section. Committees may also have opportunities for public comment; learn more about the committee and contact the chair to learn more about a specific committee's process.

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    What other ways can I participate in a meeting?

    The structure for participation in a meeting varies between SSA committees and the University Student Senate. For questions about how to participate in a particular meeting, contact the committee chair or for University Student Senate or if you are unsure who to contact.

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    Is there a cheat sheet for frequently used terms and acronyms?

    If you are unsure about something in a meeting, please ask! Otherwise, check out our guide to SSA jargon to answer some frequent questions.

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    How can I get more involved?

    There are plenty of ways to get involved in SSA! Learn more on our get involved page.

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    How can I get accommodations to participate in a meeting?

    Accommodations may be available upon request. If you know you may need accommodations, please reach out as soon as you are able to ensure those can be provided. For accommodations, email

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    What other ways can I provide feedback aside from attending a meeting?

    We would love to hear your feedback! Visit our contact us page to find the best person to contact for your particular idea or concern.