What is the Samuel E. Wood Award?

In 1958, the Stout Student Association (SSA) created an award to be given to students for non-academic contributions to the university. The 21st Congress in 1991 unanimously passed a resolution to dedicate the Medallion Award to Samuel E. Wood, Assistant Chancellor of Student Services, for his services to the SSA, the Greek Community, and the students of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. The Medallion Award is given to less than one percent of the full-time enrollment of Stout.


The award winners receive their medallions at the annual Leadership Awards Reception. (Pictured to the left)

The Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award, a bronze medallion three inches in diameter and bearing a relief of the Bowman Hall tower, the name of Stout, and the motto “Learning, Skill, Industry and Honor” is presented annually to seniors who have shown outstanding leadership in their student activities.

A committee composed of faculty, administrators and students makes the selection. Less than one percent of the student body is chosen to receive the Samuel E. Wood Medallion Award, and it is presented to seniors only. To those seniors who receive it, it brings prestige and honor, as it is the highest non-academic award any student at UW-Stout can achieve.


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