We are committed to working towards a campus culture where all are accepted, empowered, and have the resources they need to succeed.

Hate/Bias Incidents

It's easy to report an incident whether you are a victim or witness, and you can be anonymous.

Resource Pages

All-Gender Restrooms on Campus

Looking for inclusive restrooms on campus? Check out our interactive map to see where they are located.

Changing Your Legal Name

Looking to change your legal name? Our guide walks you through how to change your legal name in Wisconsin step-by-step.

Crisis Support

Are you or is someone you know experiencing a mental health crisis? There are resources on campus and in the community to help.

Inclusive Forms

Looking to build a survey or some forms for a program or event or look over your current forms? Our Inclusive Forms Initiative is for you.

Preferred Name Option

Looking to change your name in campus systems but haven't changed your legal name? This guide has you covered.

Pride Flags

Ever see a pride flag that you don't recognize? There are a lot. Learn about different flags and the identities they represent with our guide.

Questioning Identity

Unsure about your gender or sexual/romantic orientation? Use this guide as a starting point for your exploration.

Trans @ UW-Stout

Navigating campus while trans? This guide has you covered, with everything from healthcare to restrooms to changing your name.

Downloadable Resources

We have a number of resources ready for you to download and use. Check out a sampling of them below.


  • Pronoun Usage Guide | This guide from The Qube helps demystify pronouns, including how to use them, how to ask about/introduce them, and what to do if you don't know someone's pronouns.
  • Gendered Language | This guide from The Qube explains gendered language, including how and why to avoid it.
  • Safer Sex for Trans Bodies | This guide from the Human Rights Campaign is a very good and inclusive guide on sexual health for trans people.


  • Intersectionality Overview | This guide from The Qube helps explain what intersectionality is and why it is important using real, easy-to-understand examples.
  • Resource Guide to an Anti-Oppressive Framework | This guide from the Pride Youth Theater Alliance defines a number of terms relating to intersectional oppression. It is helpful to use for meetings or events.


  • Informing Children | This guide from The Qube explains the importance of informing children about the LGBTQIA+ community.

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Resources | This printable resource list from the Qube has a list of hotlines and other resources to find support for your mental health.


  • Relationship Resources | This resource list from The Qube includes a few helpful reminders about relationships (romantic and platonic) and contains a printable list of resources online and in Menomonie.


Career Resources

Resources for the LGBTQIA+ Autistic Community

Day of Silence

More resources are coming soon on a variety of topics! Let us know if there are any specific resources you are looking for in the meantime!

Online Resources

Looking for more information? Here is a list of websites organized by topic.

LGBTQIA+ Organizations

Sexual Health and Education

Missing a Resource?

If there is a resource that you are looking for or a question you need answered, please ask us about it and we can get back to you or start working on a new guide.