The Qube | Virtual Tour

The University of Wisconsin-Stout's LGBTQIA+ Resource Hub

Where Are We?

Front & Center

You can't miss us. Renovated & relocated in 2019, our recently doubled space is highly integrated with campus. Nearly every student has been past our space at least once, with the Campus Card Office across the hall and the main dining facility for on-campus students located upstairs. We're part of one of the front doors of campus.

Merle M Price Commons

Merle M Price Commons is one of the two student centers on UW-Stout's main campus. Price Commons hosts a student lounge, a major dining facility, and numerous student life offices.

High Visibility

Looking for us? We're not hard to find! Our high-visibility space is just inside the main entrance to the Merle M Price Commons (main entrance pictured at left).

Around Campus

Price Commons is our home, but we hold programs in both student centers, academic buildings, and out & about!

Front Lounge

Come On In.

We're open to all.

Hang Out & Study

The Qube's Front Lounge is easily our most visible space, right at the heart of one of the front doors of campus. It is home to our front desk and to flexible study, hangout, and programming space. Guests stop by with their lunch, work on projects for their classes, or chat with Qube staff in our most trafficked space.

Get that class project done

Our Front Lounge is the perfect place for studying. Get that paper, assignment, or class project done. Spread your workspace out on our counter or standard-height table. Meet up with others for your project, or focus while you fly solo.

Wrapping around our signature window out to the main entrance of Price Commons is a high-top counter perfect for our rainbow adjustable-height chairs. The counter is complete with backpack hooks, regular power outlets, and USB plugins.

Come hang out

The Front Lounge is perfect for studying, yes. But it's also a great spot to come and hang out with the Qube staff or other guests.

This space is yours. Want to focus? You got it. But our space is also a popular spot to hang out. During the year, the main table in the Front Lounge is often occupied by students with a to-go container from the Commons Cafeteria upstairs.

Work in the middle of it all

Remember how our space is front & center? So is the main desk. It's easy to find staff, whether guests are just looking for someone to talk to or need help finding campus resources. Yes, we can talk you through how to change your name on UW-Stout records or even direct you where to pay that parking ticket you just got.

The Qube's main desk is a great workspace. Carl, our trusty copier, is right within reach. You can easily view both lounges or chat with the LGBTQIA+ Program Coordinator, whose office door is right next to the desk. And feel free to spread out your work on our long desk. Peak productivity.

Back Lounge

Get Comfortable.

Grab a book, curl up on the couch, or join one of the Qube's discussion groups.

The Coziest Spot on Campus, Hidden in Plain Sight

Yeah, our Back Lounge is easily the coziest spot on campus. Unknown to many, it is hidden in plain sight. Home to our discussion groups, guests also peruse the titles in our library, hang out, or make themselves at home while on campus for the day.

Say goodbye to stress

When we say our Back Lounge is cozy, we mean it. Looking for a good book? We've got dozens. And we have soft lighting perfect for relaxing, rejuvenating, or aesthetic selfies. Do you like writing or coloring? We have plenty of space to accommodate that, too.

Two of the walls in our Back Lounge are white board walls from floor to ceiling. All three of our end tables are white board-topped, too. Perfect for doodling or for laying out everyone's ideas from a group brainstorming session. Peak productivity yet again.

The conveniences of, well, home

We have a kitchenette complete with a fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and electric kettle for a hot cop of tea or cocoa (again, when there isn't a pandemic). We have a nice-sized television, too.

Immediately outside the door towards the left of the photo are two of the four single-occupancy all-gender restrooms on the first floor of Merle Price Commons. Vending machines and a University Dining outpost are just around the corner from those.

Flexible, adaptable space

Our Back Lounge is amazingly flexible. While the standard setup works for meetup groups or staff meetings without needing to adjust, it also works to hold about two dozen people while playing board gaymes. It has been transformed from a space to play video games to the host of two consecutive D&D campaigns to the host of a crowded mixer. The possibilities are endless.

Have you noticed the different lighting in our photos? There are literally dozens of light settings to choose from. Pick your favorite color and curl into the couch. No color? No problem. We can also adjust the intensity and level of light in the space to accommodate all types of programs, uses, and sensory needs.



Accessibility is a major tenet of our programming and our space. Our layout is fully ADA-compliant.

Pronoun Pins

Show your pronouns with pride (and style)! The Qube offers free pronoun pins with a variety of pronoun sets and pride flags.

Feminist Pharmacy

Looking for safe sex items? Menstrual products? We've got you covered. For free.

Lending Library

Take a look- we've got a book. A lot of books, in fact. Grab something to read in the Back Lounge, or check out a graphic novel or work on queer theory to read at home.

Comfy Corners

Pull the curtain back and relax. A perfect spot to chill, meditate, or pray.

Ultimately, the Qube is not a place- we're a community. Come take part in it.

Pride March, 2019

Fuji Adair