Trans @ UW-Stout

We are committed to working towards a campus culture where all are accepted, empowered, and have the resources they need to succeed.

This guide is meant to serve as a starting point for how to navigate campus and the resources that are available to support you. Do you have questions that you are still wondering about after looking through the resources in this list? Please reach out to us. We would love to help you out and expand this guide to help others.



UW-Stout Student Health Services partners with Prevea Health to provide on-campus healthcare for students. The Student Healthcare Center is located on North Campus at 103 1st Ave West. SHS offers gender-affirming healthcare for students at UW-Stout. To schedule an appointment or learn more, call 715-232-1314 or visit the website at

For more information about the Student Health Services/Prevea Health partnership please visit:

All-Gender Restrooms

Students are welcome to use the restroom they feel the most comfortable in. Here are locations for all gender, single occupancy restrooms on North Campus and Main/South Campus if those are an option you would prefer. Descriptions of all locations will be added; contact us at in the meantime if you need assistance.

Main/South Campus All Gender Restrooms

  • Harvey Hall (every floor has a gender neutral single stall restroom located near the gendered multi-stall restrooms; first floor also has additional gender neutral restrooms located near the Writing Center)
  • Jarvis Hall
  • McCalmont Hall (Residence Hall)
  • Memorial Student Center (near the Oakwood Room and behind the White Pine Room on the first floor)
  • Merle M Price Commons (#124-125 first floor behind The Qube; #157-158 first floor between the Menomin Lounge and Dining Services office)
  • North Hall (Residence Hall)
  • Robert Swanson Learning Center/University Library (2nd floor near the admin office)

North Campus All Gender Restrooms

The all gender restrooms on North Campus are all in residence halls.

  • Fleming Hall
  • Hovlid Hall
  • Red Cedar Hall
  • Wigen Hall

Interactive Map

Prefer to use an interactive map? We've got you covered.


Inclusive Housing

University Housing is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment in all UW-Stout residence halls. Resident Advisors (RAs) are strongly encouraged to participate in Safe Space training so they can provide support to LGBTQIA+ students. What's more, students can check a box on the Housing form to request a roommate who is LGBTQIA+ friendly. Housing professional staff are trained and competent in LGBTQIA+ issues.

As part of University Housing's commitment to providing a safe and welcoming environment, there is a listing of buildings and inclusive facilities (such as which buildings offer all-gender restrooms, all-gender living, elevators, etc) here. All students receive a questionnaire after applying for housing where they may indicate any needs or concerns they have regarding housing assignments. Housing is committed to working with students to make sure they feel safe and validated. If you have any questions regarding housing at UW-Stout, please feel free to call or text Housing at 715-232-1121 or email


New and continuing students have the opportunity to be part of the Out@Stout living and learning community! The Out@Stout community in North Hall is an inclusive environment centered on the queer community. All students applying for housing will receive a questionnaire where they can apply for a living and learning community (including Out@Stout) and where they can indicate any needs Housing staff should be aware of regarding room assignments. Learn more about Out@Stout.

Name Change

Legal Name Change

Changing your legal name can appear to be a daunting process at first, but it is very rewarding once completed. We have a guide walking you through how to change your legal name while living at/attending UW-Stout (in Menomonie & Dunn County, Wisconsin). Our guide can also be used as a starting point for anywhere in the State of Wisconsin.

UW-Stout Name Change Option

Stout students can change their name in campus systems without first changing their legal name. You can complete this on your own and get a new BlueCard with your new name at no charge.

UW-Stout Email Name Change

Stout students have the ability to change their name in the UW-Stout email system through Outlook/Office365. UW-Stout has a guide on KnowledgeBase to update your name.

Displaying Your Pronouns on Canvas

Displaying your pronouns on Canvas (UW-Stout's online platform for courses and grades) is super easy. Your pronouns will be displayed next to your name (like in the picture for step 1). They are visible to instructors next to your name in Canvas (if you have chosen any pronouns- none are selected by default).

  1. 1

    Go to your account settings

    To start, tap on "Account" at the top of the sidebar on the left. From the menu that pops up, tap "Settings".

  1. 2

    Tap edit

    You will see a page displaying various settings, including your pronouns. To edit them, tap the "Edit Settings" button towards the bottom of the right sidebar.

  1. 3

    Pick your pronouns

    You will see a dropdown menu in the pronouns section. Choose the option you want to have displayed to instructors and tap the "Update Settings" button below. If you see them still listed in the pronouns field after tapping the button, you're all set!