Plan an Event

Event Planning Resources

Below are a few resources and tips to help you plan a successful event. For information on how to reserve space for an event, visit our Reserve Space page.

Advertising Your Event

Advertising your event is one of the most important parts of planning an event. Don't forget to take advantage of the resources available to you!

Campus Life Today

This daily email is sent to students Monday—Friday during the academic school year. Recognized student organizations can submit an event to be in the email (for up to three days)

Submit to Campus Life Today


Orgs must create their events within their CONNECT page. Manage and track RSVPs, create waitlists, communicate and more. You can also share to social media.

How to Create an Event


The Involvement Center will print up to 100 posters for each organization event. Posters must follow all guidelines and be submitted at least 10 business days before the event.

Poster Printing Request

Digital Signage

Advertise an event on the digital signage within the MSC and Price Commons. Student orgs can run their ads for up to 10 days. Ads must be landscape with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels.

Submit your Ad

Display Case

Create a visual display case within the MSC. Display cases are located ouside of the Ballrooms in the MSC. Reservations can be made for a two week time period through the Conferences & Events office.

Reserve a Display Case


Tabling can be a great way to draw attention to your event. Create some excitement around your event and get people talking about it! You can reserve a table in the MSC or Price Commons.

Make a Reservation

Catering + Food at your Event

All food and beverage in the Memorial Student Center and Merle Price Commons must be supplied and served by University Dining Services. Outside food or beverages are not permitted within these buildings.

Catering Menu

Student orgs receive a 10% discount on catering.

View the Menu

Place an Order

Catering orders should be placed at least 4 weeks in advance. Review the checklist prior to ordering.

Email Rod McRae

Hosting a Bake/Food Sale?

Orgs must request permission to do this in the MSC or Price Commons.

Food Sale/Distribution Request

Contracting Outside Speakers/Performers

If a student org wishes to bring in an outside performer, speaker, entertainer or group, they are not authorized to sign any sort of contract that uses SSA allocated funds.

Entering into a contract in this way makes you personally liable. Organizations must work with Emily Ascher on all performance contracts. To start the process, complete the Contract Form on CONNECT at least four weeks in advance from the event date.


Risk Management

Risk is a part of life. But it's incredibly important to manage it and diminish the risk whenever possible. If your organization is planning an event or program, make sure you've covered your bases to protect yourself, others and the organization.

Review the Risk Assessment Matrix

Take the first step to eliminate risk and see where your event falls regarding risk.  Review and Download our Risk Assessment Matrix.

Complete the Matrix

Sit down with your executive board and advisor to answer the questions in the matrix. This is an important step in planning any event. Determine your level of risk.

Apply Simple Strategies

Apply simple risk management strategies to eliminate the risk. Consider simple strategies you can incorporate to make your event safer.

Modify or Eliminate Activities

Modify or eliminate activities that have an unreasonable level of risk associated with them. If a certain level of risk still exists, have all participants complete a Risk Awareness Form.

Showing Films at Events

If you are a student organization wishing to show a film, you must follow the policy for gaining public performance rights. Review our FAQs.

  • What are public performance rights

    Public Performance Rights are the legal rights held by distributors or producers over the showing of a film outside of one’s home. The rights-holder can grant others the temporary right to show the film by selling them or granting them a Public Performance License.

  • When do I need to obtain a public performance license?

    Anytime a film is shown outside a person’s personal home, the screening is considered “public”. It does not matter if admission is charged or if the entity screening the film is a non-profit organization, school, or library. If the film is being shown outside the home, it is considered “public”.

  • What about "Teaching Exemption"?

    The Copyright Act allows films to be screened in face-to-face teaching situations, defined by specific criteria. To be eligible for the teaching exemption, the screening is limited to students who are enrolled in a class in which the film is a part of systematic mediated instructional activities, the instructor is present, and the screening is an integral part of the classroom session. Playing films for the department, for honors students, or as a “film series” or lecture series does not qualify for the teaching exemption, but requires a Public Performance License.

  • What if I bought a tape or DVD from the distributor?

    Most tapes are sold without Public Performance Rights, but some tapes or DVD are sold with limited Public Performance Rights. They may enable you to play the tape for its lifetime in public screenings on your campus. However, you may not copy the tape or lend the tape to other institutions or organizations, or charge admission for the screenings you hold with that tape. These rules may vary, so check carefully with the distributor when purchasing.

  • How much does it cost to purchase a public performance license?

    It varies by age of the film, popularity of the film and at times the distributor. Films that are 6 months to 1 year old can be $450-$650. Films 1 year to 3 years old can be 350-450. Films older than 3 years can be $250-350. Specialty films (documentaries & arthouse films) can be $0-250. However, specialty films can be very difficult to find the proper licensing holder.

  • How can I obtain a public performance license for my screening?

    Contact Emily Ascher (715-232-4051), in the Involvement Center (MSC 117A) with the following information:

    Title of the film you would like to show
    Date, time and location of film screening
    Organization sponsoring the film screening
    Account name(s) & number(s) paying for the licensing
    Your name, email and phone number