Student Organization Travel Checklist

Traveling with your student organization is exciting, but it also requires timely communication and attention to detail.  Pay close attention to what needs to be done before, during, and after travel.

Our travel checklist below helps to streamline the process so that your org has a successful trip!

Did you know that if you are carpooling, even locally, that is considered travelling? If you are sharing a car you need to indicate that you accept the risks associated with org travel.  Let's break it down below.

What's Considered Travel?

Travel is any student organization event that involves carpooling as a form of transportation (even locally) or orgs taking shared transportation (i.e. rented vans, buses, airplanes, trains, etc.). Org events where all participants get to a destination while walking or driving on their own is not a travel event.

Because travel has unique inherent risks, processes are in place to help students reduce and better understand those risks.  This webpage is an effort to streamline that process and make it easy to follow.

If you know that your group is going to travel or ride share at any point during the semester, it's best that your drivers begin the driver authorization process at least 4 weeks prior to the trip.  Drivers must be authorized once per academic year.

Travel Checklist | Steps to Follow

  1. 1

    Create your event in CONNECT

    This is always the first step for student organization events that need to be approved.  Learn how to create an event.

  2. 2

    Complete the Event Registration Form

    After an event is created, you'll automatically be directed to this form.  Information you will need as you complete this step:

    • -Trip coordinator name, phone number, and email
      -Purpose of the trip/name of the trip
      -Destination address and uploaded map of trip
      -Proof of event (agenda, conference site, website of destination, etc.)
      -Departure and return dates & times
  3. 3

    Consider if the event falls within COVID guidelines

    Travel is currently limited to Wisconsin and the Twin Cities metro area.  If your org is within these guidelines, you can skip to the next step.  If you'd like to travel outside of this area, you must submit an interim travel form for review by the Chancellor.  Complete this form electronically and email it to Rhonda Rubenzer when complete.

  1. 4

    Trip is reviewed in CONNECT

    The trip is reviewed and if approved, the event can be advertised and the person you have identified as a trip coordinator will be contacted for further instruction by someone in the Involvement Center or University Recreation (for sport clubs).

  2. 5

    Trip Coordinator notifies all travelers

    Follow the instructions you receive from the Involvement Center or University Recreation and notify each traveler what steps they need to complete.  All travelers will need to submit the Traveler Information Form.

  3. 6

    Travelers submit appropriate risk forms

    The email that the trip coordinator sends will contain trip details and will lead travelers to a form to complete all appropriate risk forms.  This step should be completed no later than two weeks in advance of the trip so that they can be verified.

  4. 7

    Traveler forms are verified

    Once all travelers have been verified that they've completed the forms, they will be contacted by the appropriate office to go ahead and take the trip.