Student Organization Online Manual

We've got the answers!

Use this site as your go-to resource for all things about your student organizations. We'll continue to add content to this page that will help guide you through the ins and outs of leading your student organization.

Start a New Org

For those looking to start something new, check out the process for starting a new organization on UW-Stout's campus.

Org Re-Registration

Orgs must re-register their org annually to stay recognized. Review the requirements to ensure you maintain recognition.

Student Org Code of Conduct

You're recognized, which means there are rules. Review your responsibilities as an org that represents UW-Stout.

Involvement Desk Services

We're here to support you throughout your time as an org leader. Offering various services and resources, check out what's available to you!

Student Org News

Stay informed throughout the year. Access past editions of The Loop, our bi-weekly student org newsletter.

Reserve Space

Learn where and how to reserve space on campus and policies to follow within the MSC and Price Commons.

Plan an Event

You've got amazing things planned. Let us help provide some resources that will help you navigate the event planning process successfully.

Apply for SSA Funding

Learn what funds are available through the SSA, how to apply for an annual budget, contingency or just-in-time funds, deadlines to apply and more.

Spend your SSA Budget

You were approved for a budget. Now you need to make sure you understand how to spend it. Pay close attention to the policies and training.

Virtual Student Org Resources

We're living in a virtual world now more than ever.  Learn more about resources available to help you manage your org this year!

Officer Transition

You've led the org and now it's time to let someone else take the reigns. Learn the steps to properly transitions officers throughout the year.

Student Org Advising

Advisors are a crucial piece of the puzzle to organizations running smoothly. Learn about the responsibilities of and advisor and helpful tips along the way.