Start a New Organization

Steps to Start a New Org

Before you apply, make sure an existing or similar org doesn't already exist on campus. Search the CONNECT directory to see what's currently offered.  Trying to start a sport club or fraternity/sorority?  It's best practice to first contact our University Recreation staff (for sport clubs) or Involvement Center (for fraternities/sororities) before submitting a registration request.

  1. 1

    Submit a Recognition Request

    Complete a Recognition Request on CONNECT anytime between September 1 and April 5th.

    To access the request, login to CONNECT.
    Go to
    and click "Recognize a New Org" (only visible during the open application period)

    This form will ask you to submit information including but not limited to the following: Org Purpose/Mission, Roster, Advisor, a One Year Plan, and a constitution (see template).

  2. 3

    Organizational Affairs Committee Reviews Request

    Students will be asked to present at an Organizational Affairs Committee meeting to share more about the org and present a one-year plan.

  3. 4

    Request Goes to Senate Meeting

    If the OAC approves the request, it will go to a University Student Senate meeting for final approval.

  4. 5

    Complete New Org Onboarding

    If approved, you will be added to an online Canvas course to learn about the resources available to you as a student organization.

It's important to follow the steps within the timeframe given by the Organizational Affairs Committee of the SSA.   Any delays in the process could result in the organization not being approved within the year they applied.

Before applying for recognition, make sure a similar org doesn't exist already. Search CONNECT for the current list of organiations.

Questions? Get in touch.

SSA Organizational Affairs Director