Name Change Option

UW-Stout values all people. It's easy to change your name in campus systems, even if you haven't changed your legal name.

First things first.

Your name is your name. The name you use is your real name- not just the name you prefer. UW-Stout may use the term 'preferred name' in places to make the distinction between changing your legal name and changing to a different display name in campus systems clearer- not because one is more or less valid than the other.

The Process

  1. 1

    Update your name in Access Stout

    Add a 'preferred' name in Access Stout to update your name there, in Canvas, and many other campus systems

  2. 2

    Change your display name in Outlook & Office365 (Email)

    Using a 'preferred' name in Outlook & Office365 has a separate (but super simple) process from Access Stout.

  3. 3

    Get a new BlueCard

    Drop by the Campus Card office and ask for a new BlueCard.

Access Stout

Where does my name change when I add a new name in Access Stout?

Registration and Records has a page outlining where your name will and will not change when you add a name in Access Stout. Adding a preferred name in Access Stout changes it in most campus systems- but not Outlook & Office365 or Campus Card. Read on in this guide to learn how to change your name in those systems.

How do I add a new name in Access Stout?

Ready to add a preferred name in Access Stout? Follow this detailed, step-by-step guide to learn how.

Why is my legal name still used in some cases?

The University of Wisconsin-Stout lists a student's preferred name in instances where it is possible to do so. Due to legal requirements, the university must use a student's legal name on transcripts, in matters involving finances, and in other official records. This is not a decision that the university has made- your name is used as often as possible. To have your name changed everywhere, you need to change your legal name.

Outlook & Office365

KnowledgeBase has you covered.

Outlook (campus email) & Office365 have a separate, single-step process for changing your display name. This change impacts Microsoft systems, like your display name for your email, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and elsewhere. See the article to learn how to change your display name.

Get a New BlueCard

Get a new student ID for free

Students can get a new BlueCard with an updated name for free- it will take you about five minutes. You can stop by the Campus Card office (110 Merle Price Commons) right across the hall from the Qube and leave with your new card. Just let them know that you added a preferred name in Access Stout and they will take care of the rest.

Your legal name will still appear on the card, but it will be much less prominent and will not be the first thing most people see. Because your legal name will still be on the card, it can still be used for a voter ID.

Note: Similar to Outlook & Office365, changing your name elsewhere in campus systems does not automatically notify Campus Card or let them know to issue a new card. Our partners in Campus Card are committed to making the process of changing your name on your BlueCard as easy as possible- which is why it only takes a few minutes and is completely free to you. Even though Access Stout does not automatically communicate with the system that Campus Card uses, you still need to update your name in Access Stout first (they will manually check it).