Spending your SSA Budget

Requesting Payments

The process for spending your budget is in CONNECT. To request reimbursements, make sure you follow the process below.


Quick Tips for Spending

When you initially apply for funding you will have chosen from a list of possible options to where your funds are allocated. These accounts are not interchangeable.  It's important that you pay extra attention to where you will be spending your budget.

Attend to Spend Training

All organizations funded by the SSA must review and complete the "Attend to Spend" Quiz each fall.  You can also download the slides from this Quiz.

Find your Budget in CONNECT

Locate your approved budget allocation from CONNECT (located in Group Page > Money > Budgeting). Select the appropriate budget period from the top left corner.

Spend by the Deadline

All organizations must use their allocation by June 15, 2022. Funds do not carry over into the next academic year. What isn't spent is lost.

Requesting Reallocations

Any deviations from the approved allocation needs written approval from the Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) PRIOR to the event.  Complete the Budget Reallocation form on CONNECT.

Comply with Rules and Policies

All spending (travel, purchases, contracts, etc.) must comply with State of Wisconsin rules and regulations. Purchases made from ineligible vendors cannot be reimbursed.

Plan Ahead

Meet with organization members at the beginning of the academic year to plan spending your organization's allocation.  All organizations must work with Rhonda Rubenzer in the Involvement Center.  Sport Clubs will work with University Recreation staff.

Dining + Catering

If placing an order with University Dining Service/Catering, make sure your food purchase matches the approved allocation for your organization.

  1. 1

    Place an Order

    Student orgs receive a 10% discount. They will send you a catering confirmation - Keep this.  Visit Catering's website for more information on how to place a catering order.

  2. 2

    Advertise the Event

    All events offering food purchased with SSA funds MUST be advertised in Campus Life Today or posters/fliers. See our Plan an Event page for resources on how to advertise.

  3. 3

    Request Payment in CONNECT

    This must be done prior to the event.  Go to Group Page > Money > Budgeting > Choose the appropriate allocation > Request Payment.  Download Instructions.

    Provide the catering confirmation, advertisement and list of attendees for your event within the form.  Contact Rhonda Rubenzer with questions.


If your organization is funded for registration to attend a conference or event read through the registration form first. There are often various payment options to submit the registration form. If the opportunity exists to register the entire group and pay by check, this is the best option.

  1. 1

    Contact Rhonda and decide which registration option is best

    Contact Rhonda Rubenzer about payment options prior to registering. Rhonda will advise the org on how to handle registration and make a payment.  There are typically three options.

    1. Group Payment | One person registers the entire group and Rhonda pays with one check.

    2. Individual Registration & Group Payment | Each person registers individually and Rhonda pays with one check.

    3. Individual Registration & Payment | This is the least desirable, but at times the only option. Each student completes their registration and pays separately.

  2. 2

    Submit a Travel Authorization

    At least one Travel Auth must be submitted for the group.

  3. 3

    Request Payment in CONNECT

    Go to Group Page > Money > Budgeting > Choose the appropriate allocation > Request Payment. Download Instructions.

  4. 3

    Provide all Documentation

    Turn in all completed forms, registration confirmations, conference schedules, etc., to Rhonda as early as possible. Payment can take up to two weeks if a check needs to be sent.


If you want to have a speaker or performer come to campus, you must follow the university's contracting procedures. The contracting process is included within the Event Registration process for analyzing your event's risk during COVID-19.

Event requests must be made at least four weeks prior to the event on CONNECT. This time allows for the approval of your risk management plan, in addition to the exchange of documents, signing, payment and processing of your contract. Without a contract completed prior to your event, your organization is liable for payment and expenses.

Travel | Limited to Wisconsin & the Twin Cities Metro

Traveling with your student organization is exciting, but it also requires timely communication and attention to detail. In order to have a successful trip, orgs traveling will need to follow our travel checklist. This page will breakdown the necessary steps.

Other Purchases (Equipment, Printing, Supplies, etc.)

If your organization is funded for something like equipment or supplies, purchases must be made with approved vendors as long as they carry the item you are funded for.

Know What You're Funded For

Check your budget to see what you're specifically funded for. The purchase must match your approved allocation.

Check with Rhonda

Check with Rhonda BEFORE purchasing anything. It's preferred she make the purchase if possible.

Request Payment in CONNECT

Go to Group Page > Money > Budgeting > Choose the appropriate allocation > Request Payment. Include all proper documentation. Download Instructions.

Questions? Get in touch.

Domonique Sturrup

Financial Affairs Director, SSA
118 MSC

Rhonda Rubenzer

Student Orgs Account Manager
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