Officer Transition


Creating a Smooth Transition

A successful officer transition is the responsibility of both the incoming and outgoing officers. It's a way to help the group move forward and transfer significant organizational knowledge. It also provides a sense of closure for outgoing members.

Check out a few resources below to help you have the very best transition.

Officer Transition To Do List
A number of things must be completed by both incoming and outgoing officers. The Involvement Center has a helpful list outlining each key item to take care of.

Incoming Officer Questions

Have the incoming officers reflect on these questions to help them ask the right questions of the outgoing officers and set goals for the upcoming year.

Outgoing Officer Questions

Reflect on your time leading and make sure you providing all of that critical knowledge you have so that the organization can keep moving forward.

Officer Roles & Goal Setting

Use this worksheet to clarify officer roles and expectations as well as set goals for the upcoming year with targeted action items and deadlines.