Sustainability In Our World

Sustainability plays an impact in our community, state, country, and world.

Did you know Sustainability has been around for over 300 years?

Check out this video about Jeremy L. Cadonna's book called Sustainability - A History

The History of Sustainability At UW-Stout

  • In 2007 & 2008

    In 2007

    • UW-Stout Chancellor Charles W Sorensen signed the American College and Universities President's Climate Commitment.
    • Begins competing in RecycleMania, a waste reduction competition between universities in the U.S. and Canada

    In 2008

    • UW-Stout completed its first GHG Inventory.
    • Sustainability Steering Committee is established to work on sustainability projects across campus.
    • Recognizes Sustainability as one of four University Priorities
  • In 2009 & 2010

    In 2009

    • The Sustainability office is established.
    • Finalizes first Climate Action Plan, UW-Stout's roadmap for sustainable development

    In 2010

    • Stout Bikes Program was established.
    • Dining services starts composting food waste in their operations.
  • In 2011 & 2012

    In 2011

    • Partnered with Dunn County Transit to offer free bus service to students and staff.
    • Senate of Academic Staff and Student Association adopt a campus-recognized definition for "sustainability" including social, economic, and environmental pillars.

    In 2012

    • UW-Stout becomes the only UW school to collect compost in all campus buildings
    • Established campus-wide energy committee to work on energy efficiency and conservation measures.
    • Faculty Senate adopts the campus recognized definition for "sustainability"
  • In 2013 & 2014

    In 2013

    • UW-Stout implemented the recycling and composting programs across campus.
    • Completes first campus-wide STARS (Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System) sustainability assessment and earns a silver rating.
    • Stout Student Association establishes the SSA Sustainability council

    In 2014

    • Implemented Building Dashboard to track energy use in all campus buildings
    • Stout Student Association creates a Green Fee for allocating funds to student focused sustainability projects.
    • Participants in RecycleMania and places #1 in the UW system and #24 in the nation
    • Establishes UW-Sprout Campus Garden
  • In 2015 & 2016

    In 2015

    • UW-Sprout Campus Garden begins to grow vegetables for campus customers and the Stepping Stones Food Pantry
    • Green Fee pays for bike fix stations for students and staff to repair their bikes in the 2015-2016 academic year UW-Stout proposed new GHG emission goals that are outlined in the current action plan.
    • In the 2015-2016 academic year UW-Stout proposed new GHG emission goals that are outlined in the current action plan.

    In 2016

    • Becomes a bronze level Bike Friendly University
    • Green Fee pays for new LED lights in MSC's Great Hall
    • Achieves STARS silver rating for the second time.
    • Implements green cleaning products in all administrative and academic buildings
  • In 2017 & 2018

    In 2017

    • 32 solar panels were installed on the roof of Price Commons. These solar panels were paid for by the Stout Student Association's Green Fee

    In 2018

    • Bike lockers were installed for employees and students to help promote all-year round bike riding.
    • New bikes are purchased for the StoutBikes Share Program by the Green Fee
    • LED lights retrofits in 12 campus buildings and all outdoor locations
    • Creation of an Academic Sustainability Liaison position to infuse sustainability into the curriculum
  • In 2019 & 2020

    In 2019

    • Creates Waste Reduction Work Group to work on reducing landfill waste generated by UW-Stout
    • Adds new compost bins and water bottle refill station to Sports & Fitness Center
    • Green Fee, Campus-Wide Energy Committee, and University Housing fund LED lighting in Antrim-Froggatt Hall

    In 2020

    • Becomes recertified as a Bike Friendly University
    • Creates a Transportation Committee, a Sustainable Construction & Renovation Committee, and a Sustainability in the Curriculum Committee
    • Green Fee funds Foamstream weed mitigation machine as a nontoxic weed killer for campus grounds
  • In 2021

    In 2021

    • Green Fee funds a second solar installation at Price Commons, for a total of 59.6 kw or 154 panels
    • Green Fee funds two dual-port electric vehicle charging stations
    • Transportation Committee creates a Transportation Plan for developing and incentivizing sustainable commuting and travel

Did you know the United Nations has 17 Sustainable Development Goals?

*Sustainable Development is the pathway to Sustainability*