What is Greenwashing?

The 7 Sins of Greenwashing

With high stakes about a brand's green image, companies use a plethora of methods to disguise their products as environmentally friendly.

8 tips to keep in mind when making purchases!

Buy Local

Buying local is good for the environment and supports your community.

Avoid Greenwashing

Check out the resources above to learn more!

Avoid Plastic

Try to avoid plastic when purchasing products.


Research what type of labor goes into making your products.

Reuse vs Single Use

Purchase items that can be reused instead of single use items


Save money and don't purchase items that are not necessary, instead minimize and organize what you already have.

Second hand

Purchase second-hand or lightly used items, instead of buying new ones.


Donate clothes and household items to a nonprofit or second-hand store and give back to your community.