From: Involvement Center
Date: June 5
Subject: Backyard Bash Registration and Fall Event Approvals

The Loop | Keeping student org leaders in-the-know
the loop JUNE 5, 2023 

Backyard Bash Registration is Open

The 2023 Backyard Bash will be Tuesday, September 5th from 5-7PM on the South Lawn outside the MSC. To participate, your org must sign up for a table here. Once you are registered your org will be made a cohost of Involvement's CONNECT event. Please DO NOT make your own Backyard Bash event as it will be denied in the event approval process.

Questions about Backyard Bash? Email Nicole Eastman-Frazier.

Fall Blanket Reservations

If your org has not submitted a fall blanket reservation and wants to have your weekly/biweekly meetings in the MSC or Price Commons, please fill out the blanket request form here. For information on how to reserve other spaces on campus, go here.

Fall Leadership Summit- Save the Date

The Fall Leadership Summit will be Thursday, September 21st from 6-9PM in the MSC. It is mandatory for at least one officer from each org to attend as part of registering your org for the 2023-2024 year, but all officers are encouraged to attend. More information will be coming soon.

2023-2024 Event Registration is Open

You can now create and submit your org's events for the 2023-2024 year. These will go through the event approval process. If you're new to creating events on CONNECT, here are some tips and guidelines.


  • All student organization meetings, activities, and events must be submitted for registration and must obtain approval to be held. 
  • Organizations will need to submit their events in accordance with the following timelines:  
    • 4 weeks for travel or contracted events
    • 2 weeks in advance for public campus events to be eligible for poster printing or toÔÇ»utilize SSAÔÇ»funding  
    • 3 business days for internal organization meetings/practices
    • 1 business day for virtual events
  • Recurring events like weekly meetings only need to be submitted once for approval if you set up the meeting as a recurring event. 
  • Student organizations are required to track attendance at all activities,ÔÇ»the preferred method of doing this is through CONNECT . 
  • Student organization programs/events/meetings/activities are open to invited guests. 
  • Overnight events are allowed. 

Event Name: Be specific! Include your organization name and the name of the specific event.

  • CONNECT Training Club | Event Registration Workshop 
  • Student Org Name | Weekly Meeting 
  • Fraternity Name | Recruitment Barbecue 

Description: Include a general description of the event and any activities that will take place.  

  • Our weekly officer meeting to discuss org business 
  • We will be hosting a pizza party and streaming the Library featured film 
  • We will be making dog toys to donate to Dunn County Humane Society 

Recurring Events: Use the recurring event feature for events that have the same name, description and time that occur more than once throughout the semester. 

  • Weekly business meetings, officer meetings, etc. 
  • Tabling events that last more than one day 

Type: Select if your event is taking place on-campus, off-campus or online. 
Location: Include the either a room number or name and the building name. Off campus events should include the name of the location and an address. Reserving your space prior to registering your event allows for a timelier review and approval. 

  • Great Hall, MSC 
  • Jarvis 110 
  • Involvement Center, MSC | Walk as group to 123 Main Street, Menomonie 

Who can see the event location: We encourage you to set this option to “Everyone” whenever possible. This will allow the Involvement Center to include your event in the Today’s Events listing within Campus Life Today and makes it easier to access the location for those attending.  

Display on the Upcoming Events slider: The upcoming events slider is intended to showcase large events and events that are open to the campus community. This box does not impact your events visibility. Please uncheck this box for events that are members only or require participants to register in advance, such as: 

  • Events that require registration a week or more prior to the event 
  • Events that are members only or do not allow registration by everyone

Attendance tracking options: For the most accurate attendance tracking utilize the following settings:  

  • Activate RSVP at the door 
  • Check-In method for the Kiosk should be set to “Allow both methods” this will allow you to manually enter individuals who can’t check-in via the qr code 

Selecting the Correct Event Type: Selecting the correct event type ensures that you answer all the pertinent questions necessary to host your event.  

  • Virtual events/meetings are events hosted completely online 
  • In-person events/meetings/activities are any gatherings of group members that are in-person. If your event includes travel, please select travel instead. 
  • Travel is any student organization event that involves carpooling as a form of transportation outside the city limits of Menomonie. Organizations taking shared transportation (i.e. rented vans, personal vehicles, buses, airplanes, trains, etc.) is travel. Org events where all participants get to a destination while walking or drivingÔÇ»on their ownÔÇ»is not a travel event. If traveling, driver authorization is required and may take up to 4 weeks, please plan accordingly. 
  • Sales or information tabling events are events reserved at the tables provided in the MSC, Price Commons or elsewhere on campus 

Overall, we encourage you to be as detailed as possible! Your timely, thorough and accurate submission of the registration form allows for your event to be approved in a timely manner. Keep in mind, making changes to your event after it’s been approved may change your approval status. Making changes at least 24 hours in advance will help us ensure that your event is reapproved and visible in CONNECT.