Stout Packaging Association


About Us

We are the Stout Packaging Association (or SPA for short)

Our main focus is to provide networking and educational opportunities that help students to become packaging professionals.

Spring 2023 Highlights

SPA Students Tour the Pierce Co. Recycling & Waste Facility

SPA Students Win Yeti Cooler, Glow in the Dark Bocce Ball, and a Bose Speaker from Team Packaging Presentation

SPA Students Attend & Recruit at the Org Fair

PackExpo 2022 Highlights

UW-Stout SPA Group at Stout Booth

SPA Students at the Women's Leadership Event

SPA Students & Professors

Amazing Race Winners

Fall 2022 Semester Highlights

SPA Board at the Backyard Bash

SPA Wednesday Meeting with Johnson & Johnson and Plastic Ingenuity

PackExpo 2022 Trip

Virtual Board Meeting

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