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The Wellness PROs (Peers Reaching Out) are undergraduate peer health educators who provide outreach on campus. Watch for them at tabling events, residence hall programming events, and large campus events!

Want to schedule a Wellness PRO program? Please email Ava Allroggen (allroggena5739@my.uwstout.edu) with your request.

The Wellness PROs are located in The Counseling Center. The Counseling Center offers compassionate and confidential services, educational programs, and resources, and works collaboratively with other campus departments to ensure you receive the support you need to be successful.

The Counseling Center is currently offering both in-person counseling and tele-counseling appointments using Microsoft Teams for students residing in Wisconsin. If you wish to schedule an appointment, please call our office at (715)-232-2468. If you live out of state and are seeking services, you may contact the office and schedule a telephone consultation for help in locating counseling resources near you.









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Visit https://liveuwstout.sharepoint.com/sites/2022/012/SitePages/Self-Help-&-Zen-Zone.aspx for self-help resources.

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E: allroggena5739@my.uwstout.edu

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