Tjorven Landwehr (Tj)

Pepper President 

I’ve been in Pepper since my second semester at Stout. By the time I graduate, I’ll have been a proud Pepper for 4.5 years! As a Graphic Design student, I love the publication design aspect of Pepper, but my favorite part is brainstorming and collaborating with people from many different majors! Outside of Pepper and class, I work as the lead designer for Student Life and Services. I love curling up with a mug of Earl Grey tea and a good book or going to a thrift store to shop for sweaters or a funky mug. I recently studied abroad in Germany, so if you’re considering studying abroad (you should be!), don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have!

Red Moser

Social Pepper

I have been a member of Pepper since the 2022 fall semester. I am a Graphic Design major with a concentration in communication design. The reason I joined Pepper was because of the off-the-walls creativity this group brings to making magazines. From the initial concept ideation to the publication, I am all on board. When I am not helping with Pepper, I enjoy participating in performing arts, such as classical/modern dance and musical theater. I also love watercolor painting and thrifting when I get the chance. If you see me out and about, feel free to say hello! I am always down for a chat or an awkward wave.

Kayley Yantes

Treasure Pepper                                                                                              She/Her

I joined Pepper my senior year in Fall 2022. I'm a Business Admin major and a Property Management minor. I have an avid interest in accounting and also have a certificate in Spanish (¡así que háblame en Español!) I joined Pepper because I’ve always had an interest in writing and editing. I used to be a writing center tutor and an accounting tutor! I enjoy the smell of coffee, but caffeine and I are amicably divorced. My top genre on Spotify is Emo Rap and I would describe my personal style as “cute but make it dark colors.” I love reading, playing video games on my switch, thrifting, and cuddling with my almost 12-pound cat, Bear. I’m always down for more friends! :)

Grace Bordeau

Social Pepper

info about me to come... :)


A brief explanation of the various tasks our Peppers do

Pepper President

Responsible for overseeing officer participation, delegating tasks in benefit to the organization, organizing the general meeting agenda, organizing officer meeting agendas, managing planning for the release party biannually, and serving as the representative in communication with printing services. Acts as Editor-in-Chief during the creative process of biannual publications and gives seal of approval before sending it for print.

Vice Pepper

Responsible for assisting Pepper President on duties and final decisions, maintaining the group email account, adding members to emails or private Pepper Facebook group, taking notes during general and officer meetings, and posting meeting recaps. Inherits presidential role on account of any absences of the President. Acts as Managing Editor during the creative process of biannual publications.

Treasure Pepper

Responsible for collection of membership dues, handling the organization’s financial accounts and the Stout Student Association allocated funds (like requesting payments through the Involvement Center), submitting budget requests, and attending budget hearings. Acts as Editor during the creative process of biannual publications.

Social Pepper

Responsible for creating promotional content for the organization in efforts to recruit future members and advertise the biannual publication. Content includes but is not limited to: CONNECT event banners, Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts and events, and general meeting or release party posters. Maintains the overall branding of the organization and ensures consistency. Acts as Editor during the creative process of biannual publications.