We Are
Pepper Magazine

Pepper Magazine is a student-led organization that publishes an issue biannually. As a group we decide the overall topic and design for the magazine, meaning each one is different from the last.

Some topics in the past include: Vitality, Absence, Nostalgia, Space, and Sound. Members can create anything they want as long as it fits within the theme. We've seen photography, poetry, illustrations, collages, writing, and more.

What will you contribute to Pepper Magazine? We encourage all majors to join.


A general outline of our first few meetings

First Meeting

We start off our meeting with an ice breaker activity to get to know our new or returning members. From there, we jump right into deciding the theme for this semester's publication! We give y'all a bit of time to brainstorm your ideas, which we will vote on. This is a perfect opportunity to see what we're all about and if it turns out we're not the right org for you, we're just thankful you helped with choosing our theme!

Second Meeting

We like to nickname this meeting the "post-it note activity". This is because we break down various aspects of the magazine and have members write down their ideas on post-it notes. The categories we will be discussing in this meeting include: size, binding, paper type, typography style, colors, content, and specials (i.e. posters or stickers). This is a great opportunity to share your ambitions for this semester's issue. We want to hear what you have to say!

Third Meeting

In this meeting, we finalize the size, binding, and paper type discussed in the previous meeting. Once voting is complete, members will share their initial content ideas, and start thinking about how many pages they would like to contribute

Fourth Meeting

This meeting is important for members who actually wish to contribute to the magazine because this is when we start recording your page count and content ideas. Don't worry if it's not finalized, as there will still be time to change your mind! We also will have members vote on moodboards that are created by the officers. This ensures that we have a general design aesthetic to follow while everyone creates their content.

Fifth Meeting

You'll just have to join to find out :))