Women's Rugby

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About Us

We are a team of student athletes interested in playing and learning about the wonderful, international sport of rugby.  All women, non-binary people, and transgender women of all shapes, sizes, athletic ability, and rugby knowledge are welcome!

Please wear athletic clothes, cleats (soccer or rugby), and a mouth guard.  A filled water bottle is also extremely important to bring. Please email, message, or chat with a captain or coach if you need equipment or financial support, we're here to help.

Game Schedule: Spring 2024

March 7th
Eau Claire Scrimmage | Menomonie, WI
April 6th
Mudfest | Platteville, WI
April 13th
National Qualifers | Oshkosh, WI
April 20th
Ironwoman's | Eau Claire, WI
April 27th 
Nationals | Washington, D.C

Members Benefits

Joining rugby allows members to get in shape and develop time management skills. It gives players determination, confidence, drive, and strength. Throughout the practices, games, conferences, friendships and laughter is formed.