WITS Membership

Open to all UW-Stout Students who are in good academic standing (must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade-point average).

Must attend a minimum of 3 events (meeting, workshop, presentation, fundraiser, volunteering, etc.) per semester during Fall & Spring semesters to maintain regular membership.

WITS will not discriminate against membership of any individual based upon race, gender, religion, ancestry, age, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, income, physical ability or political ideology.

Officer Positions


The President will oversee the Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and members to ensure the organization's constitution is upheld, as well as, UW-Stout policies. The main duty of the President will be coordinating all events WITS will be participating in. As part of this, the President will work alongside the Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary for communication and funding of the events.


The Vice-President will assist in overseeing the treasurer, secretary, and members to ensure all constitutions and policies are upheld. Overseeing the treasurer includes verifying deposits and withdrawals made. Overseeing the secretary will consist of informing them what to communicate out to the club. Communicating with members will also be a responsibility of the Vice-President, however, many of the communications will also come from the President. For the members this will include submitting forms, such as a Travel Authorization, and making sure all members qualify to participate. The Vice-President will work side-by-side with the President in hopes that they will take over as President once the President has stepped down


The Treasurer will be responsible for the organization's agency account. With this, the Treasurer's duty is to properly deposit and withdrawal money in/out of the account as needed, as well as applying for the budgets from SSA. This includes contingency, just-in-time, and annual budget requests. The President and Vice-President will assist in making the decision of what to budget for, but the Treasurer will be responsible for filling the forms out and collecting money. During meetings, they are also in charge of taking official meeting minutes and making them available to all club members.


The Secretary is in charge of all thing’s communication with the club. This includes running the Connect page, scheduling and emailing members about meetings and events, creating posters for meetings and events, and any side projects the President or Vice-President may have. An example of a side project would be communicating with other clubs on-campus to see if we can collaborate on an event. Take 1-3 photos during any events.


The advisor of WITS must be a faculty or staff member of the University of Wisconsin-Stout. The WITS advisor serves in voluntary or assigned capacity to the recognized student organization and provides guidance, direction, advice, and continuity to the members of the organization. The advisor shall be selected by the current President and Vice-President of the organization. There shall be the opportunity to have multiple advisors if a need is recognized. This may be in the form of having co-advisors or lead/assistant advisors.

How Elections in WITS Works

Who is eligible to be an officer?

All WITS members as long as they meet the membership requirements.

Note during elections, all members running for an officer position will be required to attend the election and provide a brief description as to why they would like to hold the officer position they are running for.

How is voting done?

The voting process will either take place on UW-Stout Connect, Google form, or hand-written on paper as an anonymous vote.

Who can vote?

Any individual attending the election will be eligible to vote. This includes UW-Stout students, professors, and faculty, as well as any community members in attendance.

What determines the vote for officers?

Officers will be elected on a majority vote; however, the organization advisor may overrule the vote if there are any concerns regarding the majority vote candidate.

See Constitution for more details

The Constitution is reviewed every academic year.

Download here