From: Involvement Center
Date: May 4
Subject: The Loop | May 4th

The Loop | Keeping student org leaders in-the-know
the loop MAY 4, 2023 

Make Sure Your Officer and Member Lists are Up to Date

As your orgs transition, make sure your officer list and member list are up to date on CONNECT. Information on Backyard Bash and other important updates will go out over the summer, so make sure you have the right people listed. If you made any room reservations for fall and will no longer be an officer, make sure to update your reservation with the new contact person.

Event Registration Details for 2023-2024 Year

Please wait to submit any events happening after June 30th until after May 10th. This will ensure it goes through the 2023-2024 event approval form. The original date of May 1st has been pushed back.

If your org has any events happening before June 30th, please submit them to CONNECT immediately so that it goes through the 2022-2023 event approval form.

Questions on the event registration process? Email the Involvement Center. 

Check Your Mail and Storage Locker Before Leaving

Before you leave for the summer, make sure to check if you have any mail for your org at the Involvement Desk or any posters left in your mailbox slot. If you have a storage locker in the Involvement Center, make sure to check what's in it and if anything needs to be thrown out or cleaned. If your org no longer needs your locker, let the Involvement Center know when it's emptied out so that another org can use it.

Purchasing Deadline is June 15th

Purchase requests using SSA funding must be done within two weeks of your event. All requests for this year must be in by June 15th. Questions on spending your SSA funds? Email the Involvement Center.