From: Involvement Center
Date: September 30, 2020
Subject: The Loop | Attend to Spend, Org email accounts and more...


Greetings Student Org Leaders!

Many of you have started going through the org re-registration process - thank you to those that have!  If you have questions on what's required or need a refresher, please visit our Org Re-Registration page.  As a reminder, all orgs must complete the process by Wednesday, October 7th at midnight.

Attend to Spend Quiz for Treasurers

If your organization is funded for the 2020-21 year, your Treasurer should complete the Attend to Spend quiz on CONNECT.  This quiz outlines how to find your budget in your CONNECT and policies and procedures for how to spend your budget.

Complete the Attend to Spend Quiz

For questions on spending your budget, contact Rhonda Rubenzer 

Org Email Accounts

As a reminder, all student orgs have a UW-Stout email account.  Make sure the correct officers have access to your account. If current officers do not have access, please contact Krista Proksch to request it.

Learn more

Get Familiar with Microsoft Teams

If you haven't been using Teams yet to manage your org virtually, now's a good time to start.  Many of you are still operating with in-person meetings, but offering hybrid or virtual options is also necessary.

Teams makes it easy to connect with your fellow org members in a virtual world.  Learn more about how to set up virtual meetings and create live events.