From: Involvement Center
Date: December 9, 2020
Subject: The Loop | Spring Org Recruitment, Hiring, Reminders and more...


Greetings Student Org Leaders!

As you wrap up fall semester and start preparing for spring, here are a few things to plan for and be aware of!  

Student organizations are such a critical part of the UW-Stout experience, especially now during COVID-19.  Student orgs provide an avenue for students to get involved and more easily meet people.  If anything, joining an org is more important this year than any other year.

While we will not be able to provide a traditional spring involvement fair as we have in the past, there are still plenty of opportunities for you to recruit new members.  Below are a few suggestions for you to consider:

Host an Information Session at the Start of Spring Semester:  Whether it's virtual on Microsoft Teams, in-person, or even both, consider planning and advertising an opportunity for students to get to know more about your org.  Then, don't forget to advertise this in Campus Life Today, social media, posters, and word of mouth!

Design and Distribute Recruitment Posters: Each semester the Involvement Center provides student orgs free recruitment posters.  Assign this as a project to someone over break and then submit the poster to us for printing.  

Submit an Ad to the Digital Signage: After you've created a poster, design an ad to go along with it to be displayed on the digital signage across campus.  Review the requirements and submit your ad.

Make an Announcement in your Classes:  There are so many faculty on campus that support the work of our student orgs and would allow you a moment in class to share about opportunities to get involved. Don't hesitate to ask your professors for a chance to do this!

The Involvement Center will be doing its own work as well to help highlight student organizations and encouraging students to join! 

If you have any questions on recruitment, feel free to contact the Involvement Center.

Work for the Student Centers! We are Hiring!

We are hiring for a number of positions in the Memorial Student Center and Price Commons.  As student org leaders, we know what great employees you also make! 

Consider joining our team and having one of the best jobs on campus!

Open Positions
-Civic Engagement Program Lead
-Event Technology Crew
-Qube Graphic Designer
-Service Center Associate
-Social Justice Event Lead

Learn more and apply online at:

Event Registration
Within the event registration process in CONNECT, you are asked to share a detailed plan of how your group plans to navigate appropriate COVID-19 measures, such as social distancing, sanitizing space and materials, and managing non-compliant members. Events need to be submitted a minimum of 3 business days in advance to allow review, however, if receiving funding, there is a 2 week minimum requirement. Additionally, if you are going through the contracting process, your Student Org Contract (SSA Funded) form needs to be submitted 4 weeks in advance.

Student Org Contract (SSA Funded) Form: If you plan to host a contracted performer/guest, you will need to submit the Student Org Event Contract (SSA Funded) form. It is vital to the timeline and process that this form is completed no less than 4 weeks prior to the event. If it is closer to the event than 4 weeks, please contact Heidi Germain, to see how we can navigate your event’s contract as the event quickly approaches. If this form is completed after the event, you will not receive any reimbursement.

Payment: With UW-Stout trying to eliminate all unnecessary exchanges during COVID-19, all payments will be mailed via University Check following the event. The payment process cannot begin until all paperwork is completed and returned, which is another reason it is so important to complete the Student Org Event Contract (SSA Funded) no less than 4 weeks before the event occurs.

Any questions can be directed to
Heidi Germain

Make your Blanket Reservation for Spring Semester

Blanket reservation requests for SPRING SEMESTER 2021 are now being accepted. Blanket reservations are student organization’s weekly/reoccurring meetings that reserve the same time and day every week of the semester for organization meetings.

Complete the request form  

Contact Ben Markl with any questions.


Submit your Annual Budget Request

The annual budget period is now open for student orgs to apply.  These are funds for the 2021-22 academic year.  Learn more about applying for SSA funding on our CONNECT website.

Annual Budget Deadline | February 1, 2021 at noon

Contact the Financial Affairs Director of SSA with any questions.