From: Involvement Center
Date: March 22, 2023
Subject: The Loop | March 22nd

The Loop | Keeping student org leaders in-the-know
the loop MARCH 22, 2023 

Fall 2023 Blanket Reservations

Blanket reservation requests for Fall Semester 2023 will be opening on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. Blanket reservations are for student organization’s weekly/reoccurring meetings that reserve the same time and day weekly or biweekly for Fall Semester 2023 (September 6, 2023 - December 13, 2023). To submit a request for your organization, fill out this form on Connect:

NOTE: The Blanket Reservation Request is only for reserving meeting rooms in the Student Centers (Memorial Student Center and Merle Price Commons). If you would like to reserve a classroom space in one of the academic buildings on campus for your organization's meetings, please e-mail If prefer to book a space in the Sports Complex, please contact Erik Johnson, Facilities Manager ( Please include your name and contact info, organization name, dates needed, meeting start and end times and number of attendees in your requests.

  • Blanket Reservation Requests cannot be made using the EMS Web App.
  • Blanket Reservation Requests will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis only.
  • Blanket Reservation Requests will only be accepted from one authorized representative from each student organization.
  • Student organizations are only allowed a maximum of two blanket reservations per organization per semester.

Questions about your request? Please contact Ben Markl ( in the Conferences and Events Office.

Wellness Fair Volunteers Needed

If your org is looking to complete volunteer hours, the UW-Stout Wellness Fair needs volunteers on Wednesday, April 5th from 8AM-3PM. Sign up here on Connect. For more information, contact Jen Schermitzler.

Officer Transition To-Do List

As your org starts transitioning officers, make sure to be doing the following things below to help set up your new exec board for success. 

  • Update officer positions in the group’s CONNECT page. To update, go to your Dashboard in the Org Page, then choose Officers. 
  • Grant new officers permission to access the organization email account. For directions, visit the Org Email Access Directions on CONNECT.
  • Explain annual requirements for the organization to stay recognized. All organizations must re-register annually in September. 
  • Show new officers how to check out the key to your org’s storage cabinet in the Involvement Center if you have one.
  • Introduce new officers to the organization advisor.
  • Discuss the financial status of the organization.
  • Share the budget if you received funding from the SSA and how to access it within your org’s CONNECT page.
  • Get new officers on as signers for any off-bank accounts and/or agency and foundation accounts. Hand over any online passwords, checkbooks, etc. 
  • Explain how to reserve meeting/event space on campus for the year. Change the contact on any existing reservations with the Conferences & Events Office in the MSC.
  • Review and show new officers where the constitution is saved within CONNECT.
  • Give new officers login info to any online platforms (social media accounts, national affiliation websites, blogs, etc.)
  • Ensure new officers know how to register for recruitment events such as the Backyard Bash and Involvement Fair.
  • Show new officers how to maintain an accurate membership roster within CONNECT. Use the Members tab within your Group Page Dashboard.
  • Share online student org resources from the Involvement Center with new officers.