From: Involvement Center
Date: October 22, 2019
Subject: The Loop | Involvement is Hiring, Event Planning and more...

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Involvement is Hiring!

We have 2-3 openings for our Involvement Specialist position. We are seeking individuals who are extremely customer service oriented, professional, energetic and an all-around team player. This position works closely with student organizations, CONNECT, and campus events. Apply through November 1st on CONNECT using the link below.  Contact Heidi Germain with any questions.

Apply Here

Event Planning Resources

Many of you are in the midst of planning events. Don’t forget the number of resources available to you on our CONNECT website.  Make sure to properly advertise your event, get your posters printed for free by our Involvement desk or reserve a spot to table in the MSC.   We want your events to be successful just as much as you do!

Including Events on the CONNECT Homepage

When creating your meeting and events in CONNECT, you have the option to have it displayed on the homepage of CONNECT. While this is appropriate for many of your events, it should not be used for all.

When you’re building your event, uncheck the box “Display on the Upcoming Events slider (on the homepage) if this is an event that’s not available or applicable to the entire campus community.

It’s the goal to have only events that are marketed toward all show up on the CONNECT homepage. Contact the Involvement Desk with any questions.

Blanket Reservations for Spring 

Student orgs will be able to make their blanket reservation requests for spring semester in early November.  Stay tuned for more details with the open date and link to the request form.