From: Involvement Center
Date: November 19, 2019
Subject: The Loop | Running Officer Elections, Officer Transition Resources and more...

Tuesday, November 19th

Hey Org Leaders - Read on for this week's org updates!

Officer Election form

Let CONNECT Help Run Easy Elections

If your org is transitioning officers this semester, let CONNECT help with an easy election process. 

Org leaders can simply create an online election form that allows you to share information about each candidate and let each member vote anonymously. 

Learn how to create an election form in your group page

Officer Transition

Officer Transition

Speaking of transitioning officers, make sure you effectively transition the responsibilities between outgoing and incoming officers.  Not only is it important to share the nuts and bolts of managing an organization, but it's important to collaborate on a shared vision and long-term plan for the organization.

Check out out a number of resources to help you succesfully pass the torch this semester.

Seeking Student Org Events for Family Weekend

Each spring we welcome families to campus to showcase the talent of our students.  Student organizations are a key part of this talent and we'd love to show off your efforts.

The Involvement Center is looking for student orgs that may want to plan an event or activity for this spring's Family Weekend on April 3-5th.  Funding could be available through SSA contingency funds for those interested.

If interested in getting involved, contact to discuss partnering on a potential event.  All ideas are welcome!

Blanket Reservations | If you haven't made your blanket reservation for spring semester meetings yet in the MSC, make sure you do!  Rooms fill up quickly.  Learn more

SSA Annual Budget Requests | Orgs can soon request their annual budget!  Stay tuned for an announcement from the Financial Affairs Director of the SSA.

Events in CONNECT | Make sure you are creating your events and meetings in CONNECT and using the appropriate visibility settings. Only display your event on the upcoming events slider if it's open for everyone.  Learn more