From: Involvement Center
Date: August 13, 2021
Subject: The LOOP | Fall 2021 Event Guidelines

The Loop | Keeping student org leaders in-the-know
the loop | EventGuidelines Fall 2021 august 13, 2021

Hello Student Leaders!

Let's gear up for Fall! We are so excited for you to be able to plan some amazing events for this upcoming school year!

The new event planning guidelines have just been given to us by the COVID recovery team. Please note that these are subject to change so please follow the LOOP and our website closely for updates.

Highlights of the current event planning guidelines:

  • Event registration and attendance tracking are still required for all group activities.
  • The event registration process has been updated and streamlined tor a better student leader user experience.
  • Org travel is allowed in Wisconsin and the Twin Cities
  • Reservations are allowed in all campus buildings - follow pre-COVID registration processes
  • Food will be allowed at events again.

Involvement Center's website shows all
event planning
guidelines for fall 2021.

Shine in your web presence to new students - make sure your web and group pages show off your org.  Tips and tricks:

  • New Chat channel feature is up and running - use this to have conversations with new members or set up officer group chats.
  • Post a welcome message or some great org photos on the feed.  Start engaging with new students there.
  • Update your group page with your first organization meetings so new students know when you start.  Logged in students see your group page first and it looks different this year so you'll want to preview it.
  • Your website is what folks who are not logged in can see so make sure it reflects your public image (think perspective students, parents, alumni).
  • Add those signature events for new students to see what you are about
  • Update your contacts so incoming students get a quick response
  •  Make sure you begin checking your orgs email
  • Get Notices! Make sure you have your interests set up - students can now search even outside the virtual fairs this way
  • If you are using a website outside of CONNECT make sure you have a link to "join our group" so folks can navigate to the group page to watch your feed

Reminder to register for Back Yard Bash

To be included in Backyard Bash your organization must complete BOTH of the following steps no later than August 31st:

Step 1: Complete the Backyard Bash 2021 Registration Form for the in-person event

Step 2: Set up and activate your virtual fair booth

Update your officers in CONNECT:

Make sure you transition those officers and give them officer access on your group page on CONNECT.

Learn how

It’s imperative that your officers are up-to-date so the right folks are getting new information quickly.

Fall Blanket Reservations 

Get in your blanket reservation request to secure your meeting room for fall 2021!

Complete the request form 

Questions? Contact Ben Markl in the MSC Conferences and Events Office, 214 Memorial Student Center.

Coming Soon!

Student org leaders will be invited to join us for the Leadership Summit.  Reminder that each org needs to have at least one person attend this training.