From: Involvement Center
Date: September 15, 2020
Subject: The Loop | Org Re-Registration, CONNECT Training and More...


Greetings Student Org Leaders!

We hope the start of the semester has gone well for you all. Thank you to everyone who has been learning the ropes, paying attention to the new guidelines and making your events, meetings and activities safe for this semester.

Below are a few updates for the week!

Org Re-Registration

Every recognized student organization is required to re-register their org annually to stay recognized for the academic year.  This year's re-registration process is currently being updated and will kick off on Monday, September 28th and orgs will have ten days to complete it. 

There are two parts to the re-registration process:

  1. Re-Register on CONNECT | Orgs will have to update their group page on CONNECT and complete the org re-registration form.
  2. Complete the Virtual Leadership Summit | This annual event is going virtual and there will be required courses for org leaders to complete over the course of 10 days.
More information on both parts of the org re-registration process will be outlined next week. Please stay tuned for more information.

CONNECT Training

Many of you are new to managing your org in CONNECT.  Let us help!  Request a virtual CONNECT training to learn best practices for using CONNECT and an overview of all the features.  There are a number of tools that can help you manage your org, both virtually and in-person this semester.

Tracking Attendance at Events/Meetings

As a reminder, all student orgs are required to track attendance at in-person events/meetings/activities.  CONNECT makes it easy to do this.  You can easily have students check-in with a QR code on their phone, use a card swipe or manually add attendees right within the CONNECT event.

Learn more about tracking attendance

Below are a few screenshots that walk through some of the options for tracking attendance. To access this, first go into your event page on CONNECT and then click "Manage."

Track Attendance Event Sample

From there, you can track attendance in four different ways:   

  • Manual tracking with a computer
  • Self Check-In with a QR Code
  • Self Check-In with a Kiosk
  • Manual Check-In with a Smartphone/Tablet


When setting up your event in CONNECT, there are specific settings to choose that will allow multiple methods for tracking attendance.  Under Advanced Options within the event creation, make sure you choose "Allow both methods above at the same time"

If you have any questions on tracking attendance, please reach out to the Involvement Center.